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Ever heard of the phrase, ‘Once in a blue moon’? This phrase refers to a very rare occurrence, and guess what – we’re about to have a Blue Moon on 31 October 2020, Halloween!

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In astrology, the second Full Moon in a calendar month is known as a Blue Moon. This Saturday, 31 October, we’re rounding off October with a Full Moon in Taurus and conjunct Uranus, as well as Mercury retrograde forming a tense square with Saturn.

The 31 October Full Moon conjunct Uranus could bring sudden shifts and unexpected developments. Mercury retrograde square Saturn heightens the risk of conflict and pessimism. This being a Full Moon in Taurus, the sign governing personal finances, some of you could run into unexpected issues with money at month’s end. Emotionally, some of you may experience feelings of restlessness and isolation – but think twice before you give in to reckless impulses, and work on taking personal responsibility in order to gain the most from this lunation.

As with any Full Moon, the effects of this Blue Moon will last for at least the next two weeks (depending on how it impacts your birth chart), so we’re dealing with these energies till mid-November. Blue Moon or not, a Full Moon in Taurus is a great time to take stock of your personal finances. Make plans that will bring you the stability, abundance, and prosperity you desire and deserve.

Onward to the reading!


LEFT: FOUR OF PENTACLES. As I mentioned earlier, this is a good week to look to the state of your finances. The Four of Pentacles is a gentle reminder that some folks out there have been over-spending, and need to cut back for their own long-term benefit.

This card can also indicate that not all is well in career – someone at work is pretending to be more qualified, competent or well-connected than they really are, and they could be exposed.

The Four of Pentacles can also apply to friends and acquaintances who keep flexing their ‘wealth’ and ‘connections’ – news of their money woes, credit card debts, or even bankruptcies could reach your ears in surprising ways.

MIDDLE: KING OF CUPS REVERSED. Unfortunately, it seems that a lot of people out there are still in denial about their truth. The reversed King of Cups can also refer to emotional manipulation, disconnect, or instability. Beware the person in your life who has been making poor life choices and, when confronted, starts acting up – blaming others or playing the victim.

This reversed King is staring straight at the young man in the Four of Pentacles. A certain problematic person in your life knows exactly how they’re messing up. They know – they just don’t care enough to take responsibility. Don’t fall for their excuses, and don’t let them mess you up too.

RIGHT: THE HIGH PRIESTESS. This is a card that speaks of knowing the times and seasons in your life, trusting your inner wisdom, and making the best choices for yourself. The High Priestess advises you to be courageous, and to seek wisdom in all your ways.

Some of you could be taking a stand regarding a contentious topic of discussion. Your opinion could be unpopular, but if that’s what your higher wisdom is telling you to support, then do it.

Having said that, remember it’s always wise to conduct your due diligence and research before you take a stand.

The High Priestess rarely speaks, and when she does, she dispenses great wisdom.

Be like the High Priestess. Nobody likes a noisy dumbass.





When the phoenix is soaked with rain,
Even the sparrow mocks it.
But one day the rain will disperse,
And the phoenix will regain its majesty.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

The traditional explanation of this lot, when drawn, is 凡事待时大利也。Great benefit comes to those who bide their time and patiently endure. We’re right smack in the middle of the Mercury and Mars retrogrades; petty and foolish people are busy airing their ill-informed opinions and trying to take down the good, decent folk.

The advice this lot bestows is this:

小人日盛 君子莫为 只宜守己 待时施为

Pay these fools no heed. Go about your business, and know that petty villains tend to lack staying power, consistency, or credibility. Their own wickedness will backfire on them soon enough.

Your time will come. Have faith in yourself; know who you are and what you stand for. When the time is right, the truth will honour those who choose Light. You will arise.

Have a great week ahead!

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这支签的劝告是:小人日盛 君子莫为 只宜守己 待时施为