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This week’s New Moon in Virgo falls on 30 August at 12:32 pm Singapore time. The energies of Virgo season tend towards service, action, and a smidge of perfectionism thrown in the works – because Virgo believes that if you’re going to do something, you’d better do it well.

Mars and Venus – the respective rulers of action/conquest and of love/relationships – are also in Virgo, so the qualities of service and action will be prevalent in our careers and personal lives as well. This is a good time to do something and prove yourself. Talk is cheap. Action is what really counts.

On to the reading!


LEFT: FIVE OF SWORDS REVERSED. This week, pace yourself. Stay in your life. Don’t take on more than you can handle. Be responsible for yourself and your tasks – leave other people to their drama. There’s a lot of stress going around when this card appears – be patient, resilient, and consistent in your efforts, and much can get done. Stop running away from what you’re meant to do, but by all means DO walk away from people who are a waste of your time and energy (you know who they are). When dealing with people, pick your fights very, very carefully.

MIDDLE: WHEEL OF FORTUNE REVERSED. There are some weeks where you would do well to take your chances; you could stand a good chance of getting your goals. This is not one of those weeks. The reversed Wheel of Fortune urges us to make and review our plans, but also to wait for a better time to launch them (if possible). If timing is not something within your control – for instance, your company’s product launch is this week – go ahead, but keep a very sharp eye out for overlooked mistakes and unforeseen developments.

RIGHT: THE TOWER. A development that blooms into a crisis offers you an opportunity to clear the air and start afresh. Be mindful that whenever this card appears, especially when it’s upright, major change is imminent. Some things, people, and situations are about to be released – let them go. This card also heralds endings and closures; if you cling, you will suffer (and you’ll still be forced to let go in the end). Stay flexible and open-minded. Keep your expectations adaptable and your options open. The best (and only) way to deal with The Tower is to roll with the punches. Don’t stick your neck out unless you want your head cut off.





A distant message arrives:
Its meaning is indecipherable.
Making sense out of nonsense,
Like polishing a stone to make a mirror –
Both are a waste of energy.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

When this lot is drawn, you could be tempted to do something that you are either not meant to do, or that is beyond your current ability. Be honest with yourself – what drives you to waste time and energy on the wrong people, pursuits, and situations?

Be aware that you can do better. Start by believing that you deserve better, then actually choosing the better thing to do.

The traditional explanation for this lot states that recipients of this lot should mind their words and keep to themselves, maintaining the status quo until a better time (and/or opportunity) arrives. This sentiment pretty much resonates with the aforementioned advice to Stay In Your Lane – so here’s your strongly recommended tip of the week.

Those who insist on straying and/or wasting their energies will probably meet with The Tower soon enough – karmic manifestation is happening very rapidly these days.

Have a great week ahead!

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