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Welcome to the first full week of Sagittarius season 2019, and it’s kicking off with an exceptionally restless New Moon (26 November at 11:05 pm, Singapore time). With aggressive Mars settled powerfully in its home turf of Scorpio, and reckless Uranus glaring across the cosmos in the opposite sign of Taurus, watch out for potentially explosive conflict.

Those of you who have felt your backs pushed to the wall for some time – you’re stressed, you’re struggling, and you’re stuck in a rut – this is a very good time to reach out and get help, to discover creative solutions, and to move forward with courage and hope.

This is a very stupid time to have a meltdown, to make excuses, to lash out unreasonably, or to sit around and do nothing while your life crashes down around you.

New Moon energies are about endings and beginnings. Work with, not against them.

What this means: acknowledge that your rut isn’t working out for you.

Have you been feeling under pressure for some time now? The New Moon is here – have a good cry, scream into your pillow, whack a punching bag at the gym. Get those stuck old energies out of your system.

Then figure out your new road map. Get back in the driver’s seat of your life. And step hard on that gas like your future happiness depended on it. Because it does.

Let’s get to the reading!


LEFT: THE LOVERS. As the first, and the anchor card of this spread (i.e. the card that represents the theme of this reading), The Lovers is honestly one of the best cards you could possibly get. It’s the Universe cheering you on, saying What do you desire? Go for it! This card depicts harmony, true love, beneficial partnerships, balance, healing and all the good things in life.

But how far you’ll get in attaining your desired goals depends on you.

Are you willing to make the right choices? Sacrifice the old to welcome the new? Face the consequences of your decisions, both good and bad? Accept that not everyone will understand or support you, moving forward?

Love, abundance, healing, peace – all these are available to you, but when The Lovers appears, first you need to make the choices that align with you at every level.

When The Lovers appears, happiness is within reach.

Make the choice that is brave and true to yourself.

MIDDLE: THE MAGICIAN REVERSED. When this card appears, you have your answer to why you may be stuck in a rut.

The reversed Magician represents a lack of confidence, inner strength, and/or conviction. You don’t have what you want, because you didn’t do what you were supposed to do.

There is no other way around this card except to buck up! Muster your will and inner power; push on and never give up.  Commit to your goal. Take consistent, courageous, massive action.

Stop making excuses. Get your focus together, and get down to the work until you attain your goals.

This card can also represent power struggles, manipulative people and/or dynamics, and a vibe that can be sneaky/secretive. Be careful whom your share your plans with, and don’t allow anyone to take away your power to live your best life.

RIGHT: JUDGEMENT. This is an awesome card to round off a Tarot reading with. Although its energies can be intimidating at times, that’s only because you’re approaching a major crossroads in life that will demand your best response, and that has the power to take your life to a much higher level.

Judgement represents a significant decision made, or being made. It signifies a new job, a work contract, a soulmate relationship, an opportunity to start afresh and make things right. In Christian terminology, this card represents the resurrection of all souls to face their eternal destiny.

Judgement is also a card of karma. It heralds Divine/karmic intervention in a significant situation. It is a reminder that your karma – whatever you have thought, said, or done – has brought you to this point; your future, in part, now lies in the hands of the Universe.

Notice that the first and last cards of this spread feature Archangels. Also note that all three cards in this week’s spread are Major Arcana. These are strong indications that the events beginning or unfolding this week are Divinely orchestrated – there’s a greater degree of predestination in some of the things that are developing.

When this happens – when it becomes clear that the hand of the Divine is upon the situation you are facing – do your best, because the Universe is watching closely. Keep your hands clean and your hearts pure. Focus on the highest and greatest benefit of all. And pray, pray, pray.






A celebration of extraordinary joy arrives at your door.
Your store of good deeds brings great good fortune.
Marriage and business plans will proceed as you desire;
The sick will be completely restored to health and peace.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

What a wonderful lot to receive! The traditional explanation of this divination lot advises: Do not waste time hesitating – proceed with your plans. Your desires will be fulfilled.

When this lot is drawn, supporters, benefactors, and great good fortune are imminent. Remember Judgement, the final outcome in our earlier Tarot spread? A similar message is offered here: your good karma has brought you to this point. If you are willing and able to make the right and brave choices (The Lovers), and to muster all your effort to manifest your goals (The reversed Magician), then surely your success is destined, and your victorious celebration is at your door.

Take note of the second line in this poem. If your karmic record has been poor, then this divination lot is unlikely to be addressed to you. If so, you are advised to focus on getting your karma back on track, in order to be eligible for the blessings of the Goddess.

Have a great week ahead!

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感觉到烦躁吗?不妨趁着新月的时候去发泄一番吧,不管是通过运动流汗甚至是抱着枕头痛哭一场都好,把旧能量都以正确方式好好地宣泄出来吧。然后接下来你就可以开始思考自己的下一步并且做足准备,在通往你的幸福的道路上 竭尽全力 前进。