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Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other lightwork services. She is based in Singapore.

A challenging week lies ahead but you can, and will, pass this with flying colours. Let’s get to it. (Remember to scroll down and check out my SUPERCOOL announcement, btw.)

LEFT: KING OF WANDS REVERSED. This card appeared in the previous week’s reading, and it looks like the same energies are spilling over into this week. When this King appears ill-dignified, the focus could well be off, plans going awry, and tempers flaring. There might be a loss of passion, motivation, and/or hope for the future. Watch out for impulsive behaviour, unnecessary fights, or stagnation. Someone around you could be displaying these qualities as well – keep a distance.

Pick your fights very wisely this week.

MIDDLE: PAGE OF PENTACLES REVERSED. The challenging energies of this week continue with the reversed Page of Pentacles. This card usually refers to a student, apprentice, message, exciting new plans, and/or a career opportunity that will bring financial benefit. Upside-down, the focus is gone. You could be in a situation where you’re close to giving up on the goal, and/or you don’t know what direction to take next. Someone around you could be displaying these qualities as well, and could be playing a role in this week’s events.

Don’t give out those invites to your pity party just yet.

RIGHT: THE WORLD. Because here comes the card that saves the whole reading. When The World appears, especially in the future position or as the final card in a spread, your victory is just ahead of you. This could be a long and hard journey, but the cycle will end eventually, and if you keep at it and NEVER GIVE UP, you will win.

You’ve got this. Hang in there – now is absolutely not the time to give up.

Put your nose to the grind and give it all you’ve got. This will not be a glamorous or fun week for many. You’ll be pushing past your limits, breaking through what you thought was not possible. And you are going to do this with a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.

And that’s totally okay. Because when your triumph arrives – and The World promises it will – you will savour it all the more.





The poem:

The Divine gives you valuable advice.
You cast it aside and listen to an idiot.
Yet the divination lots have always proven true.
Take no action until a more favourable time arrives.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

Lot 100 is one of the special lots that depict a special message from the Goddess, i.e. She is speaking directly to some of you right now through this message. Interestingly, it’s also a 下签 or lower lot, indicating a warning of downturn in one’s fortune.

Lot 100 is, essentially, a Divine reprimand. You’ve just been scolded – in love and light.

When this lot appears, be very, very careful whom you receive your guidance and counsel from. There’s no wisdom in claiming to be spiritual, to trust the Divine and your own intuition, when you ultimately choose to follow random advice (e.g. from your ex-colleague, your cousin’s friend’s dentist, that well-meaning stranger on Facebook you sometimes chat with) and make decisions that are not in your highest and greatest good.

The description in this lot indicates that you may have consulted Divine guidance before, and/or received strong messages from your own intuition about a situation, but chose to ignore these signs and follow ‘worldly wisdom’, or a self-proclaimed spiritual person’s take on the situation – to your own detriment. As a result, circumstances may be unfavourable for you at the moment.

Your best bet is to maintain the status quo – as the Tarot advises, to keep your nose to the grind and never give up – as well as pray to the Divine for guidance and protection.

The traditional explanation of this lot states that it is the last Divine message you will receive before punishment and therefore, you have no alternative but to follow this advice.

While I don’t believe the Goddess is actually going to punish us – it simply isn’t in Her nature to smite us with thunder and lightning – what I sense this lot means is that if we continue to disregard Divine wisdom in the situation we’re facing, we’ll end up with nothing but bad outcomes, disappointment, and regret that we listened to the wrong people when we could have had the Goddess Herself as our advisor.

Be wise, darlings. Do not take Divine grace for granted.

But not all is lost. Remember The World, and never give up. In the Tarot, The World depicts a near-naked woman dancing in triumph. I’ll leave you with a modern music video version of The World: Britney Spears, whose 2013 dance hit ‘Work B**ch’ is all about pushing through tough times to attain your dreams.

As Britney raps at one point: “No time to quit now”.

Have a triumphant week ahead! Also, scroll down and check out my announcement:



Kelly, Lightworker is celebrating her 39th birthday with a fundraiser on behalf of The Cat Museum, a cat rescue and charity organisation.

Party details:

Maison Kayser @MyVillage,
1 Maju Avenue, Singapore 556679

Friday 12 Oct 2018,
7:00 – 10:00 pm


One ticket entitles you to:

  • One vegetarian set meal (includes egg and dairy but no meat), specially curated by Maison Kayser for this event
  • A one-question Tarot reading by Kelly*, OR a water blessing for yourself, OR a pet animal blessing** (see below)

We’ll have a lucky draw with awesome prizes to be won, as well as an auction of various items (crystals, candles etc) blessed and programmed by Kelly to attract love, blessing and abundance.


(I’m terrible, I know.)
See you there!
Love, Kelly

* If you wish to extend your reading, an additional freewill donation (min. $10) is welcome. Thank you for your charity! 🙂

** If you would like a blessing, please bring a towel to dry off afterwards. You may bring your pet(s) to this event; outdoor tables and seats are provided.

*          *          *          *          *

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