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My last weekly reading for the year 2018! Time flies – this has been a wonderful year of growth and I’m SO EXCITED for 2019! What about you?


No worries, I do understand – the final week of the year can be stressful, with all the festivities and looking back and thinking to yourself that you should have done THIS and maybe not said THAT to THOSE people… Waitttt!!!

Get off the over-thinking train. Whatever has happened, it is what it is.

Focus now on how you’re going to greet the New Year that is quite literally around the corner – and yes, of course things can always get better. Party hard and stay safe during the festive season, and you’ll be just fine. Check out this week’s reading!


LEFT: KING OF PENTACLES REVERSED. Looks like some trouble might be brewing, but it doesn’t have to involve you. Be wise, and with luck you could just be a bystander. The King of Pentacles refers to someone (probably at work – if at home, this is usually a father figure or some kind of mentor) who over-promises and under-delivers. Imagine Aaron from Accounts bragging about his new Ferrari and you get the idea. This person and/or energy could play a role in events this week. If the reversed King of Pentacles manifests as an energy in your life this week, take care that the current festivities haven’t led to over-spending or some other financial mismanagement. Watch your wallet, and don’t be taken in by holiday deals if they’re not really within your budget!

MIDDLE: KING OF WANDS REVERSED. Tarot Court cards can represent people, situations, advice, and/or energies. Notice how the two reversed Kings refuse to look at each other, and it’s easy to see how the heightened atmosphere of this festive season could lead to conflicts and clashes, especially between big egos personalities. The reversed King of Wands could be an aggressive bully, an unmotivated loser, or a controlling dictator. Like the reversed King of Pentacles, the reversed King of Wands usually turns up to offer insight into work situations, so be careful with office parties this year. And no, I’m afraid year-end celebrations aren’t a good excuse for sloppy work/leadership, which is another interpretation of this card. Keep your work performance pristine, please.

RIGHT: EIGHT OF WANDS. This is the card of busyness, productivity, and accomplishment. You’re going to be busy, and there’s a lot going around you and in your life. Move forward, darlings! Also, developments in a situation could really start to pick up speed here, so that should be good news for those of you who have been struggling with a dead-end situation for some time now.

You should always avoid speeding or drink-driving, but especially this week: this card can depict hidden surveillance, not just at work, but also on the roads. Don’t hate on the Traffic Police, they’re just doing their job of keeping us safe!






A rider who whips his horse and loosens the reins
Will either fear for his life or meet with actual disaster.
The man who burns his house down
Will find nothing but ashes after the rain.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

When this divination lot is drawn, you are being protected against the whims and caprices of volatile situations, toxic people, and the harmful repercussions of impulsive behaviour.

This lot essentially describes a scenario where the situation is neutral, but quickly becomes dysfunctional when people make bad choices and behave poorly, e.g. get drunk, start trouble, pick fights, spread malicious rumours, etc.

The first thing this lot warns you is NOT to be this kind of person. If you get depressed during festive seasons, amp up the self-care; remember you CAN turn down party invitations if you’d rather not. There’s no point going to whatever parties you’ve been invited to, then sitting in a corner getting drunk and regretting your decision, or saying/doing something reckless that could totally embarrass or even hurt you later.

The second thing is to protect yourself against this kind of person. Festive seasons can sometimes bring out the worst in some people – especially when we’re still dealing with the emotional sensitivity of the recent Full Moon in Cancer (21 Dec) and the huge energetic shifts of the Solstice (22 Dec). Know who the troublemakers and drama queens in your social circle are, and keep your distance – especially if they’re prone to addictive/enabling behaviours like drinking, because festive occasions do mean that alcohol will be easily available!

Party hard and be safe. Have a great week ahead!

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