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Neptune goes direct this week, and we can finally wake up to reality.

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On 28/29 November, depending on where you live in the world, Neptune ends its retrograde and moves forward once again. During this retrograde, we’ve had the benefit of reviewing our relationship with our creativity, our imagination, and our reality. Some folks have had their fantasies dismantled and removed, if not destroyed outright – I’ve noted an increase in clients who have experienced breakups, for instance*. These folks were forced to face reality, and sometimes in a traumatic manner. However, now that Neptune is stationing direct, we can hope and dream again – this time with the benefit of experience, and with the wisdom to discern between aspirations and delusions.

*If it’s any comfort at all, a breakup that was triggered by the energies of the Neptune retrograde usually indicates that the relationship itself was based on illusion, not reality. In some cases, the relationship itself may not have been real, official, or a true commitment. You may be feeling not-so-great about your breakup now, but it’s not such a bad thing to be set free from something that wasn’t going to stand the test of time + reality… ya know?

Meanwhile, Mercury’s being cute. This week, our zippy little planetary ruler of thought and communication forms a sextile with Pluto on 27 November, then a sextile with Jupiter on 28/29 November. Mercury sextile Pluto favours any deep, focused study or investigation into a topic of interest; Mercury sextile Jupiter boosts your luck if you’re planning a product launch, a new project, a huge sales pitch… that kind of thing. Go for it, bbs!

Aaaand let’s get to the reading!


LEFT: FIVE OF WANDS. Not every confrontation is a war; not every competition is a fight to the death. The Five of Wands speaks of busyness and rivalry, and this could be a case of iron sharpening iron if you’re willing to take on a growth-mindset approach to your projects. Don’t waste time comparing yourself with others. Remember that the only worthwhile competition is between you in the present and you in the future.

Be great, be better, be best.

Some people could be making noise around you this week. Ignore the opinions that don’t matter. Very few actually do. No real harm can come to you from their foolish gossip and/or petty behaviour if you don’t allow it to affect you.

MIDDLE: FIVE OF CUPS. Some disappointment could arise, but only if you resist shifting your perspective. Be careful that you are not missing the big picture by fixating on perceived loss or defeat. Sometimes, rejection or disappointment really is Divine protection from going down a route that would not have benefited you.

It takes mental discipline to focus on the positive in a challenging situation. I’m not talking about ignoring the negative; that’s another form of delusion. What I’m talking about here is to focus on your advantage in the situation, to be objective about the difficult aspects of what you’re facing, and to focus your attention on what you can do to optimise gain and/or minimise loss.

Positive thinking is not about avoiding the negative. It’s about consciously navigating the direction of your thoughts so that negativity can never control you.

RIGHT: SIX OF PENTACLES. The outcome of focusing on mindful productivity is the Six of Pentacles: a greater sense of balance that manifests as fair treatment, equitable give-and-take, and (in some cases) the appearance of a benefactor – someone who’s rooting for you and who can help you out of a rut.

This card is also a reminder to be kind to others. If someone needs help, give it – and trust that the Laws of Karma will ensure your repayment in kindness. What goes around comes around.





The sun sets in the West as the moon rises in the East.
The status quo remains,
even as lunar energies arise and solar energies wane.
If it is a woman seeking to divine her future,
She will be blessed with wealth and fortune.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

The traditional explanation of this lot states that women receiving this lot will benefit greatly, but male recipients will struggle initially before things improve. What this lot could mean in modern times that you will benefit from taking a yin or feminine approach to a situation you’re facing.

What this could mean for you: collaboration, not competition. Being in touch with your softer side. Nurturing yourself and others. Aligning heart and mind in your decision-making processes.

Pray to the Divine Feminine for guidance on this, and the Goddess will surely help you.

Have a great week ahead!

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