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Watch out for 24 March 2020, 5:28 pm Singapore time – this week’s New Moon in Aries gets intense.

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First, the good news: this New Moon forms a sextile with Saturn, lord of Karma and Transformation. The positive energies of this aspect give us the endurance we need to survive – and thrive – in these challenging times. This is also good mojo for focusing on practical matters, finishing up complex and serious tasks, and to consult or share knowledge with others from different age groups (Saturn moves into Aquarius on 21 March and blesses the transmission of information for a greater good).

The not-so-great news, but it’s still good news if you’re smart:

This New Moon in Aries forms a tense square with the Lunar Nodes along the Cancer-Capricorn axis. This creates an energetic crossroads with heavy karmic repercussions.

Some of you could be making major decisions about releasing the past and embracing the future. Issues with family (especially parents), friends, and loved ones could come to the fore and demand resolution.

Look to the future. Choose the people, places, and situations that will play a role in helping you create your best life. Release those who don’t support you, or who try to hold you back. If others choose to leave, let them go.

As this New Moon waxes towards the Full Moon in Libra, many things will be revealed that will lead you to the path of your highest good – all the more you need to make sure you only have the right people, energies, and situations around you as you move forward.

New people, opportunities, and situations are coming into your life as well, so keep your heart space open for new blessings.

On to the reading!


LEFT: THE MOON. As the anchor card that determines the theme of this spread, The Moon is a reminder that the world is currently facing a situation where the truth is still largely unknown. Up-to-date, accurate information is simply not as forthcoming as we’d like.

But that’s no cause for panic. (It’s never a good idea to panic, anyway.) Under the auspices of The Moon, you could be facing a major decision. Trust your intuition and always be vigilant. Things are not what they seem when The Moon appears – verify all information and take nothing at face value.

Above all, stay calm.

MIDDLE: KNIGHT OF PENTACLES REVERSED. When this Knight appears in reverse, a long-running stalemate could be coming to an end. This is good news! Opportunities to take action and move forward are here for you when the reversed Knight of Pentacles appears.

The Suit of Pentacles represents the Winter season – this is important information for later! Knights of the Tarot represent action, and this Knight is the slowest of them all. But when he’s yanked upside down, you bet the reversed Knight of Pentacles will take action quickly to rectify the situation ASAP.

Some people could be unreliable or unreasonably stubborn this week. Don’t let that be you, and don’t let them get to you. Just keep moving forward with your plans.

RIGHT: SEVEN OF WANDS. With the Seven of Wands to round up this week’s Tarot reading, stand your ground on the things that matter. Muster your courage and take action to bring about your best life.

The main figure in this card is alone, but calmly holds his own against six unseen armed assailants. These six unseen attackers could mean that much of what you fear may only be imaginary. Also, the main figure stands on higher ground, indicating that you still have the advantage over your challenge – you only need to stand your ground.

What you fear may only be imaginary. Stand your ground and fight for your goals.






Extraordinary joy and celebration at your door!
Great fortune for the generous and compassionate.
Marriage, work – all proceed as desired.
A healing cure, and the sick recover.
(Trans Tan Kelly)

Many Spiritual texts tend to have multiple interpretations that develop over time; the ancients observed that certain divination lots tend to incur specific outcomes, and added these observations to the canon of knowledge.

This divination lot has two interpretations, and both are wonderful. The first interpretation states: The family who does good deeds accumulates blessing.  The descendants of the upright will always stand under a lucky star.  

The second states: Spring days grow warm. A hundred flowers bloom. Do not hesitate – move forward! You will achieve your goals.

Remember how the reversed Knight of Pentacles represents the end of a stalemate, and how the Suit of Pentacles represents Winter?

Divination lot 68 affirms what the reversed Knight of Pentacles portrays:

Your dead-end Winter is over. Spring is here! Move forward and you will achieve your goals.

Take the appropriate action to bring about your best life, and you will be abundantly blessed indeed.

Have a great week ahead!

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第二种解曰则是 春深日暖,百花自开,事莫迟疑,从人显达。