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How are the eclipses working out for you, darlings? I love them! Many major energetic shifts have been happening so far and yes, it can get intense – especially with the Mercury retrograde in full swing. You may have noticed that you’re going over old ground in your life, reviewing past experiences, relationships, and situations, and taking away the lessons you’ve learnt from them (hopefully you HAVE learnt those lessons, or else they’re likely to return in a more challenging form!).

That’s all well and good – bear in mind that the purpose of all these shifts is for us to learn, grow, evolve, and transform. All is well; all will be well.

Let’s get to the reading!


LEFT: THE HIGH PRIESTESS REVERSED. This week, be extra discerning. With the Mercury retrograde in full swing, you’ll be hearing lots of opinions – but not all opinions are made equal. Suss out the true value of what’s being said or done around you. Consult your own inner wisdom, and balance this out with solid common sense, a dose of practical wisdom, and the magic of your own intuition. This will be a week where you learn whom to trust, and whom to keep away from.

The reversed High Priestess can also represent a person around you (usually a woman, but sometimes a gay man or a man who’s in tune with his feminine side) who’s smart, strategic, secretive, and more than a little sneaky/manipulative. This person could play a role in events this week. Mind your words and actions around this person – they notice everything, even if they don’t let on, and your careless words or actions now can be used against you later.

This week, be extra discerning.

MIDDLE: WHEEL OF FORTUNE. This week, events could arise and develop as if out of nowhere – but the Tarot assures us that the Universe doesn’t throw us surprises for no reason. What could happen this week is likely a culmination of previous karma, for good or for ill. The Wheel of Fortune turns, bringing karmic conditions into fruition for many people.

In case you haven’t been experiencing a good eclipse season so far, hang in there – the Wheel of Fortune means there’s more to come. Thankfully, this card is upright, reminding us that the Universe is fair and kind. There truly is nothing to fear – when we ourselves act in a way that is fair and kind, we reflect the goodness of the Universe in our beings, and bring blessing to all.

Karmic conditions are ripening for many.

RIGHT: KNIGHT OF PENTACLES REVERSED. This card represents an energy that is stubborn, self-absorbed, inflexible, arrogant, and envious. Don’t let this be you – the fact that the Wheel of Fortune is placed in between this reversed Knight and the reversed High Priestess indicates that these two are going to get smacked really hard in the face by karma this week!

There’s some positive advice we can get from this Knight: I would say that sometimes it’s wise to be a little stubborn when you know you’re standing for what is good, right, and pure. When a situation arises where you’re dealing with lots of people trying to prove themselves right (as the reversed High Priestess indicates), know where you stand – and stand strong.

Someone displaying the above characteristics could play a role in events this week. Pentacles Court members in reverse tend to be proud and envious folk – they’re practical and ambitious to a fault. Be mindful that some insecure people may be jealous of who you are and what you do. Some may resort to low-key sabotage. Do what you need to do to protect yourself – you don’t need to stoop to their level, though.

Watch out for envy and sabotage… rise above their petty drama.






My advice is this: avoid over-ambition.
A flying stork conceals a secret arrow.
A snake lies in the grass while you collect wood.
Should it bite, you will suffer greatly.
(Trans Tan Kelly)

This week’s Goddess divination lot is concerned with keeping us on the side of the righteous. We are encouraged to stay in our lanes and avoid engaging in the affairs of other people. Refrain from acting against your conscience: the strong karmic energies of this first post-eclipse week are likely to cause misdeeds to backfire. Do not suffer unnecessarily!

When this lot is drawn, we are advised to be content with what we have for now. The Goddess specifically counsels us to take precautions against all adversities. Look to your house, and you’ll do just fine.

Have a great week ahead!

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