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Joining Jupiter in the 2019 retrograde squad this week is Pluto, which retrogrades in Capricorn from 24 April till 3 October. Pluto is the Lord of Transformation and the planetary ruler of Fixed Water sign, Scorpio. The main influence in this retrograde will be Saturn conjunct Pluto retrograde – energies will be heavy and deeply karmic.

If only astrology was always love and light! But the lesson to learn when Universal energies get heavy is to take back and look at the big picture: the karmic discipline and hard times we go through are necessary for our highest and greatest good.

Sometimes the path to greater Light is dark and full of terrors (guess the TV show that line came from, ha!). Not because the Universe hates us and wants us to suffer, but because we need to face the darkness in ourselves (and sometimes, others) in order to heal, integrate, or release that suffering – so we can evolve higher and live our best lives.

The energies of Saturn conjunct Pluto requires great patience and determination. From now till early October, it’s all about owning your shit. Taking responsibility for yourself. Being accountable for your actions. Knowing when to grit your teeth and hang on, or when to turn your back and let go.

In life, change is the only constant. During this season, change is not an option.

The highest vibration of Scorpio, the zodiac sign ruled by Pluto, is symbolically represented by the Phoenix – that mythological creature that creates a bonfire every thousand years, then crashes into it, burning and destroying itself completely, in order to rise again. Completely renewed, rejuvenated, and even more powerful than ever.

Make the right choices to change, and you will set a foundation of strength and honour that will bring you great blessing in the coming years. Refuse to change, and/or persist in wrongdoing, and the karmic consequences this season will be severe.

The two Full Moons in Libra (starting from 20 March) kickstarted a season of karmic realignment that will escalate intensely with the Pluto retrograde this week and the Saturn retrograde next week. We’re looking at a minimum 6-month period of karmic ass-kicking here.

If your hands are clean and your heart is pure, rejoice! Your reward is on its way to you. #yaasss

If not, and if you won’t change, be afraid, be very afraid…

of how incredibly stupid you are.

Let’s get to the reading!


LEFT: THE STAR. This card is a good start to the reading. The Star heralds a time of healing, optimism, and hope for the future. If you’ve recently been through a tough time, be of good cheer – things could be turning the corner for you if you make the right choices. Alternatively, you could be a source of help and healing to someone who needs a bit of compassion this week.

MIDDLE: TEN OF WANDS REVERSED. If you’ve been feeling stressed and burnt out recently, try to incorporate more time-outs and self-care this week.You could be in a situation where some important information is either incomplete, or hidden from you at the moment.

Breathe through the stress. stay calm.

Don’t freak out over what you can’t control.

It’s okay not to know everything. It’s okay not to be able to fix something for now. What matters is that you take good care of yourself so you’re ready for your time when it comes – because, as the next card illustrates, now may not be the best time.

RIGHT: WHEEL OF FORTUNE REVERSED. When this card appears upside-down, change is coming, but it may not necessitate a significant response on your part. More likely, you’re encouraged to adapt to the flux of changing conditions, while staying true to your central principles – knowing who you are and what you stand for will give you some stability in this time of upheaval.

Good or bad – all conditions shift and pass.

But your immortal soul will last, so make the right choices.






How can a woman have two husbands?
Surely a bow cannot hold two arrows.
All is anxious when a dragon and a unicorn
attempt to make peaceful neighbours.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

When this lot is drawn, trust that a significant matter is in the hands of the Divine. Your job is to avoid equivocation, ambiguity, and ambivalence. Where necessary, you are advised to take clear, strong action. Do the best you can, then humbly accept what is Divinely ordained for you.

In other words, own your shit and take a stand.

Some strong-willed and/or powerful figures in your life may have a showdown this week; this could include you, or you may be dragged into the conflict indirectly. At all times, be clear where you stand, and don’t be a wuss about your principles. Be strong – blessing may yet come after differing perspectives are reconciled.

Have a great week ahead!

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