Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other lightwork services. A priestess to Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, Kelly is based in Singapore.


This week’s energies are flooded with Light. It’s hard to explain – but in the wake of the Full Moon in Scorpio on 18/19 May (depending where you live in the world), you can expect illumination, insight, and breakthrough in your personal growth this week.

Issues of personal security could arise. Relationships will be the burning focus for many of you. Leave the past behind – a bright and beautiful future beckons.

So let’s get to the reading!


LEFT: THE MAGICIAN REVERSED. This week’s Tarot reading begins with a gentle reminder that not all is always as it seems. Don’t rush things. It could be that you’re not as ready, as competent, or as willing to take on a new job/relationship/situation as you assumed you were. It appears that more focused effort is necessary before you can attain that new cycle – but no worries, positive new beginnings are still coming for you. Just not yet. Keep pushing for the goal.

Watch out for manipulative, controlling, deceptive energies around you as well – and make sure you’re not the one playing those games.

MIDDLE: TWO OF SWORDS. If the reversed Magician indicates a lack of readiness in terms of skill and mentality, the Two of Swords affirms this energy. A situation you’re in could be clouded, almost literally blindfolded by indecision. There’s also the element of possible emotional suppression – someone is not being completely honest about how they feel.

This could be a week where your own efforts in themselves are not going to be enough to make things happen. It’s possible that you’ll either require assistance, you’ll need to wait it out a bit more, or both.

RIGHT: QUEEN OF WANDS REVERSED. Again, there’s a lack of readiness or confidence that comes across when the Queen of Wands appears reversed. You could be feeling pushed into a position you’re not ready to step up to handle. Perhaps a challenge has appeared on the horizon and you’re trying to stay calm on the surface, but are terrified to death inside.

When this card appears, be careful also of impulsive, hot-headed, dramatic/ attention-seeking energies and/or people that could disrupt the flow of your plans.

Whichever it is, that doesn’t matter. Only you do.

Close your eyes. Steady yourself. Focus on your breath. You’ve got this. The reversed Queen of Wands can be a trifle scatterbrained under stress, so get yourself organised, then once you’ve done you all can, let it go.

Keep calm and carry on. You’re going to be okay.






You aim for for the celestial chambers,
But Heaven’s door is firmly shut.
Suddenly, good news arrives!
All rejoice and celebrate.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

When this divination lot appears, you are advised not to give up on your dreams – keep trying, and don’t give up. However, you are also reminded that your eventual success is unlikely to be a one-person job. Someone will come along and assist you in this process. Your task is to be open-minded, humble, and grateful for all the help you get. Don’t get egoistical about it, or turn away help when you know you need it.

Keep your eyes and heart focused on the prize – don’t be too hung up on how it will come to you – and there will be cause for great celebration in the end.

Have a great week ahead!

*          *          *          *          *

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