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This week in the skies: on 20 or 21 July, depending on where you live in the world, the Sun in Cancer (the sign of the Mother) forms an opposition with Saturn in Capricorn (the sign of the Father).

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Considering that the Sun’s energies represent clarity and self-expression, whilst Saturn’s energies facilitate power balances and the unfolding of karmic processes, it’s quite possible that this week could be a challenging one in terms of relationships.

People who are close to you – whom you consider family, whether by blood, marriage, or affection – as well as people in positions of power could feature prominently in how things roll this week.

Some of you could come up against limitations, prohibitions, or constraints that could hinder your progress and cause self-doubt to arise. Maintain consistent standards and be patient – these delays and setbacks are likely temporary (unless they began during the eclipse).

Onward to the reading!


LEFT: EIGHT OF WANDS REVERSED. This card also appeared for last week’s reading in the same position, so it’s likely that energies unfolding from last week are continuing to develop. Watch out for possible delays and/or miscommunications, scattered energies, and a lack of productivity. This is a great week to prioritise and focus, instead of attempting to multi-task. Get things done one at a time, and you can go a long way.

MIDDLE: THE MOON REVERSED. If you’re facing a situation where things have been unclear or confusing for a while, things could be shifting this week – some sort of clarity could come to you if you’re willing to seek the truth, and/or to make the right decisions. The risk with the reversed Moon, however, is that a lack of honesty or courage can lead to the other extreme, where things become incredibly complicated and insight is almost impossible to achieve. Watch out that you don’t allow emotions to drive your decisions. Feelings make great signposts to let you know if you’re on track, but they don’t make the best advisors.

RIGHT: FIVE OF SWORDS. This card is a stark reminder that sometimes it’s the people we’re dealing with who make things difficult – a message that is affirmed by this week’s astrology. The Five of Swords indicates an unpleasant situation with people who desire to win at all costs, and who are not above fighting dirty to get what they want. Know which fights to pick, when to walk away, and who deserves (or doesn’t deserve) your time and energy.





Noble One, you are frustrated –
But do nothing against your conscience.
Let your heart be open, pure, and bright;
Shine like a full moon in the night sky.

This week, some of you could be facing a difficult situation where you might be tempted to take the easy or selfish route out. Don’t. This lot advises:

心中正直 理顺法宽 圣无私语 终有分明

Be upright in heart, fair, and reasonable. Great souls do not yield to petty selfishness. Hold fast to your integrity and do what’s right – eventually, the truth will out and the situation will become clear.

This divination lot reaffirms the message of The Moon in reverse. With so many significant references to the moon this week, be mindful that a situation you’re facing could be volatile and changeable. Take nothing at face value, and weigh your options carefully before you proceed with action.

Have a great week ahead!

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心中正直 理顺法宽 圣无私语 终有分明