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The latest Mercury retrograde in Leo ended on 19 August, so we begin a new week in the post-shadow period… and energies are lifting. Another two retrogrades will end by the time August is up! 

This week is all about being consistent, diligent, and mindful at every level. Both the Knight of Pentacles (representing physical effort) and the Hermit (signifying Spiritual growth) face the Ace of Cups (also known as the Holy Grail, i.e. the vessel of God) in reverent awe.

Great blessing lies at the heart of this reading – it is promised to us so long as we live in the Light, and never give up.

Let’s get to the reading!


LEFT: KNIGHT OF PENTACLES. This card represents the qualities of hard work, steady effort, and a reliable, trustworthy spirit. All Tarot Knights represent action: the Knight of Pentacles is strong-willed and determined to see his goals through. This is a good week to embody and act on such traits – also, this card could represent a person who possesses these characteristics, and who could play a role in the outcome of events.

MIDDLE: ACE OF CUPS. This is a very, very positive omen to receive! All Aces in the Tarot are incredibly powerful, and this Ace refers to the new beginnings of an emotional and/or Spiritual breakthrough. It could represent a new relationship, a new passion and love for life, a dream job or the appearance of a soulmate (amongst other positive new breakthroughs). This card speaks of healing, birth/rebirth, and great joy.

Traditionally, this Ace was interpreted as a marriage card – even today, it can herald the beginning or new development or a relationship that will lead to marriage (or similar long-term commitment). This card holds true not only for romance, but also for spirituality, family, self-development, and (to a lesser extent) business.

I’m just being cheeky here but I’m all for marriage equality! I find it heartwarming how two very different people – the Knight of Pentacles and the Hermit – are facing each other whilst a marriage card watches kindly over them. The overall vibe I get from this spread is that a union (marriage, friendship, family ties, Spiritual faith, etc) can arise between the most unlikely individuals.

So Open up your heart and let love begin.

RIGHT: THE HERMIT. This card speaks of Spiritual growth, and possibly the end of a learning cycle. You’ve come to the closure of a stage of development and you’re getting ready for a new lease of life! Take along the precious wisdom you’ve gained along this path, and walk through that gateway to new life, new blessings, and a new you.

Come out of hibernation; do not be alone any longer. You are not alone; you never have been. Solitude is only an illusion.

Reach out and connect. The world awaits.





The poem:

The flowers embroidered on silk look almost real.
A joyous fate arrives, bringing you rank and fortune.
It is never too late to seek an honourable name.
You will pass the Imperial Examination on your first attempt.*

(*Trans. Kelly Tan)

This week, challenges will come your way, but they are meant to; and so are you destined to triumph over every test and be victorious! Remember the Knight of Pentacles earlier, and the energy of never giving up? The Goddess Guan Yin affirms this advice with the line: “It is never too late to seek an honourable name”. If there’s something you have long cherished in your heart and aspired to achieve, and that seems to be on your mind more often in recent times, go for it.

This is not the time to give up.

Take heart, live mindfully, and accept no excuses: what is meant for you will not go past you, and you are destined to achieve.

Have a great week ahead! Here’s a song that’s been playing in my head since I saw this week’s spread:

*          *          *          *          *

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