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If you’ve felt that August was one heck of an intense roller-coaster ride, you’re right on the money – the month began and ended with not one, but TWO Super New Moons, greatly amplifying the energies of fresh starts and new beginnings.


You may be feeling that the old ways don’t work for you anymore. As we move into September, situations and opportunities are presenting themselves which require you to say, think, feel, act, and be very different – almost as if you were a new person. And you are! Universal energies are guiding us towards rapid and profound evolution… the question is whether you’re willing to flow with Her. (I strongly recommend flowing, not fighting.)

On to the reading!

Left to Right: Ten of Pentacles reversed, Knight of Cups, Eight of Wands
Goddess Divination Lot: 70


LEFT: TEN OF PENTACLES REVERSED. When this card appears reversed, watch your money. You might be tempted to invest in something that sounds too good to be true – don’t. Do conduct your due diligence before committing to any major purchases or investments. Some of you may be struggling with financial matters which pertain, directly or indirectly, to property or family matters. What are you waiting for? Get that mess sorted out stat.

This card also can appear as an invitation to de-clutter. Accumulated stuff that just sits around in your bedroom? Toxic frenemies and ne’er-do-wells who clog up your phone with their whiny texts? That cheap gym membership that you’re still paying for every month, despite the fact that you’ve only gone once in three years?


MIDDLE: KNIGHT OF CUPS. At the heart of this week’s Tarot reading is a card advising heart-centred action, taken at a comfortable pace. There’s no need to rush; be clear of what you’re intending to achieve and work steadily towards that goal.

The important thing is to act, but not to over-do things. Because of the next card…

RIGHT: EIGHT OF WANDS. Activity! Efficiency! Productivity! Many of you are going to be busy, busy bees this week. Opportunities will be flying right at ya – but not all of them are equally beneficial. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not a multi-tasker; what really matters is how well you do what you’re meant to do, not how many things you managed to bluff your way through while running around helter-skelter like a headless chicken.

This week, quality matters over quantity.






Every day, the bees fly from
Flower to flower, in every direction.
Once Spring ends and the flowers fade,
You’ll have nowhere to go.
Stay where you are.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

When this lot is drawn, you are under Divine protection – take care that you do not venture out of that safe place you’re at. Opportunities, fresh and fragrant as Spring flowers, beckon to you and invite your diligent efforts. Little bee, don’t bumble, or you’ll stumble! Know which opportunities to buzz towards, and which to zoom away from. It is wiser to remain at peace, rather than to pursue action for its own sake.

Ensure that your energies are not wasted on futile efforts that offer you little long-term benefit.

Have a great week ahead!

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