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This week in the skies: a crossroads in relationships. Venus forms an opposition with Mars retrograde on 9 November.

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Venus opposite Mars can boost desire, but also tensions and misunderstandings. Combined with the current Mercury retrograde, the risk of miscommunication is also heightened. Be kind to yourselves and your loved ones. Single folks: this transit can lead to opportunities in love, but take care that you don’t choose an incompatible partner. This transit can sometimes mess up personal judgement.

Love with all your heart AND YOUR MIND, and with your eyes wide open. What this means: don’t shove aside the red flags that your crush may not be the right one for you – the initial signs that give you pause are often the very same reasons that you’ll break up later.

Let’s get to the reading!


LEFT: THE EMPRESS REVERSED. Someone could be either negligent or a micro-manager this week – make sure it’s not you. The reversed Empress also refers to an urgent need for self-care, and can indicate that you’ve been pushing yourself too hard in recent times. Get some time out for a breather as much as you can.

If someone who resembles a reversed Empress (negligent and careless, OR a micro-managing dictator) tries to stir sh*t or pick a fight, stay away as much as possible. This sort of pettiness is not worth your time.

MIDDLE: THE WORLD REVERSED. Something could be coming to an end, but completion is not always closure. The reversed World can also represent disappointment at the sub-par outcomes of a project, relationship, etc. If the situation is salvageable, take a step back and tweak your plans – try and see how you can optimise your chances of success, or at least cut your losses.

RIGHT: QUEEN OF SWORDS. Sometimes the best thing to do is just to cut ties and move on. The Queen of Swords is a no-nonsense energy that advises us to make clear, courageous decisions based on logic and intellect. Some of you will have to make that call; some others will have the call made for you. Know your role in your unique situation, and take ownership of it.

Again, discern the troublemakers in your midst, and get rid of them. You don’t have time for their nonsense.





Unreasonable disputes will never stand.
Like a withered flower on endless waters, the fool drifts.
Grace cannot help such people –
All around them is a mess of troubles.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

This week, both the Tarot and the divination lot warn us against getting too close to troublemakers, drama queens, and other toxic people. The divination lot specifically advises against helping them.

Don’t give me New Age rubbish about love and light and compassion and empathy and how you have to be bleeding hearts and doormats for people who don’t respect you. I don’t accept those lies. There’s a place for love and light, a place for compassion and empathy – but you have to be wise about who deserves your best, and who only deserves to be kept at a distance while you live your best life.

Not everyone who’s messing up their lives actually wants to be helped. Not everyone who receives your help is going to appreciate it. That’s the truth.

If everyone could be helped, Jesus Christ wouldn’t have said this:

Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.

The Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 7 Verse 6 (NIV)

Remember that Karma is real, and the Laws of Karma exist for our highest and greatest good. Sometimes, some people need to experience the full extent of their crappy karma and awful life choices in order to learn and grow.

If you try to help these people, you’re only getting in the way of their growth.

The explanation for this divination lot states: leave things as they are and wait for a more favourable time. Do not engage in rumour-mongering. Take care to stay out of trouble. Maintain uprightness, honesty and integrity at all times.

Keep your spirit pure and your hands clean; stay away from those who prefer to play in their own filth. You know who they are.

Be mindful, and have a great week ahead.

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