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Some weeks are better and brighter than others. This week is not one of them. 

The Sun is in emotionally sensitive Cancer. Six planets are retrograding right now; Mars retrograde is in full swing already, affecting energy levels all around. The shadow period of the upcoming Mercury retrograde begins 7 July.

This is not a good time to initiate new ventures, make huge decisions, or stick out in any way. Universal energies are in steamrolling mode right now; you’ll get your head smacked in.

What this week is good for: lying low, reviewing and revising old stuff, gently letting go of whomever and whatever does not serve your highest benefit, being open-minded and open-hearted, considering options and possibilities, being kind to yourself and other people.

This week’s Tarot and Goddess Divination makes it very clear that the Universe is not in the mood to entertain our whims right now. Two out of three cards here are Major Arcana, and this week’s Goddess divination lot also issues a warning against over-ambition.

Let’s get to the reading!


LEFT: SEVEN OF SWORDS. Sneak away, sneak away; live to fight another day. That seems to be the message of the Seven of Swords this week. Universal energies are tumultuous now; it’s good to lie low, not soar high. Discretion and covert action are preferred over bluster and big moves. Look at the card in the pic – once you see what the figure is looking at while he sneaks away, you’ll understand why.

MIDDLE: THE TOWER. When The Tower appears, expect the unexpected. Whichever beliefs, assumptions, values and mindsets that had formed the bedrock of your worldview could come crashing down this week. The Tower represents an opportunity for life transformation that often takes the form of a crisis. Its advice: roll with the punches. Learn and grow. You’ll be stronger when it’s over.

When The Tower appears upright, your chances of avoiding crisis are that much slimmer. But that’s not stopping the figure in the Seven of Swords from trying to sneak away. There’s no telling if he will escape disaster, though.

RIGHT: WHEEL OF FORTUNE REVERSED. The Major Arcanum representing luck, destiny and good karma is now turned on its head. When this card appears ill-dignified, plans are likely to go awry. A lot of goals will seem suddenly far away; attempting to reach them will feel like an uphill battle. Energies, circumstances, and relationship dynamics are not as in sync as you would like them to be.

But don’t over-think things: sometimes it really just is about timing. Retreat and revise your plans if things are not going as they should. Conserve your energy for a more appropriate occasion. You might be tempted to blame others or pick fights: don’t. Go get some fresh air instead, and breathe.





The poem:

The way is blocked, the dangers many;
The waters are muddy and in tumult.
He who insists on venturing forth
Will be bereft of a safe place.

(English translation by Kelly Tan)

Situations are more complex than they seem this week. If you’ve been thinking of embarking on a new project or venture, you are advised to reconsider the timing of your plans. Be flexible and observant. In areas where you are making no progress, turn back and wait to fight another day. It is wise to hold back and let some things stay as they are for now. Do not be over-ambitious in your actions, and you will avoid failure. Make no unnecessary moves; give way when resistance arises. If no major losses are incurred this week, you have done well.

Have a great week ahead!

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