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We’ve moved out of the post-shadow of the Mercury retrograde, and it feels like Universal energies are taking us to a higher level eventually. As we continue to make the right choices and take the right actions, trust that outcomes will manifest rapidly and powerfully for the highest and greatest good.

We live in exceptionally karmic times, my friend. Eclipse season 2019 has brought about quite a few major shifts as a direct result of choices. I personally have witnessed a couple of rapid-fire bitch-slaps that the Universe meted out in response to poor choices and regrettable actions. Always remember, folks:

Your decisions shape your destiny.

the Universe only reflects your energies back to you.

If this year’s eclipse season got you down, you are nobody’s victim but your own.

Let’s get to the reading stat!


LEFT: KNIGHT OF CUPS REVERSED. When this Knight appears upside-down, you are advised to take a hard look at the choices you’ve been making and the actions you’ve been taking recently. The reversed Knight of Cups is known for being fake, insincere, and emotionally hollow. If you’ve been feeling really out of things lately, it’s time to reconnect with your truth, know what it is you truly want in life, and go for it.

For some of you who may be feeling a little too emotional about things recently, the reversed Knight of Cups is a gentle reminder to take a step back from all those feelings, and to act from a place of balanced wisdom.

Some of you will need to watch out: a person in your midst may be playing a role in how events develop this week. Whatever it is they may offer you – a relationship, a business venture, a promotion – take it with a pinch of salt, and check every single detail of their proposal before you make a decision. What you see is unlikely to be what you get.

MIDDLE: SEVEN OF WANDS REVERSED. At the core of this week’s reading is a card advising against both extremes of over-defensive paranoia on one hand, and weak personal boundaries on the other. The Seven of Wands encourages self-assertion and the courage to stand your ground when upright; when upside-down, be careful that you’re not doing too much or too little of it. Remember that not everyone is your enemy… and not everyone is your friend. Know whom to trust and whom to keep at a distance. If you need help, reach out to the right people; if you don’t, stick to your lane.

RIGHT: THE EMPEROR. The energies of this card follow on from the previous – just as the Seven of Wands counsels self-assertion, The Emperor encourages you to stay in your power. Note that the Emperor is seated on his throne – this is not a week for running about or making rash decisions. Whatever course of action you choose to take, adhere to established procedures and honour the power structures you are working with.

A figure of authority, usually a mature man (and even if not, this person will give both the vibe of being powerful/mature as well as masculine), could play a role in events this week. This is someone who’s used to having their own way, so think carefully and have your thoughts ready if you really need to challenge their opinion. If this person doesn’t appear, then it’s on you to step up and be the Emperor. Be strong!






The moon waxes and wanes;
This is its nature.
Wait till the moon is full,
Then the sky will be clear and bright.
(Trans Tan Kelly)

When this lot is drawn, some aspects of the situation you’re facing are still not yet clear or known to you. Bide your time for now and take no new action. Eventually, nature will take its course – things will develop, and the illumination of the truth will bring you great clarity and blessing.

Don’t let fear get the better of you! What appears precarious right now may not be so when you reach the conclusion of this matter. The outcomes of this situation may bring you a favourable surprise.

Have a great week ahead!

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