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On 23 or 24 January – depending on where you live in the world – the Sun will conjunct Saturn in the fixed Air sign of Aquarius.

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Sun conjunct Saturn means that hard work, discipline and patience are needed to fulfil your obligations. You may have to take on extra responsibilities. Some of you could be acting as a mentor or guide. Conversely, you’ll be seeking a mentor to guide you.

How well this transit will treat you depends on how diligent and accountable you have been in the past year. This could be a time of honour and success for you, or it could be a time of downfall and instability.

Saturn rules karma. And Saturn never forgets.

Moving forward, keep your life simple. Declutter as much as you can. Take steps to live your best life. The first couple weeks of 2021 have already showed us that if we hope to get through this year safe and sound, we’ll need to travel light in terms of karmic baggage.

Let’s get to the reading. Did you know that in numerology, eight is the number closely associated with karma?


LEFT: EIGHT OF WANDS REVERSED. The first Eight is a reversed Eight of Wands, which speaks of a lack of direction or purpose. You might be waiting on certain communications or developments that are taking their time to manifest. There’s either too much going on around you and in your mind… or nothing much is happening and you’re stuck in limbo.

This may or may not be something within your control. Either way, you’re not obliged to be stuck forever. What can you do to make your way forward despite circumstances?

MIDDLE: THE DEVIL. What could be holding you back from giving life your all? The Devil indicates the presence of internal bondage – this could be your inner demons, or someone/some situation around you is being very controlling and manipulative.

Perhaps you’re feeling stuck, trapped, or lost. But remember this: the Devil’s power isn’t real. In this Tarot card, the Devil’s two prisoners are only loosely bound in chains that they can easily take off any time.

If you’re facing a challenging situation right now, ask yourself what you can change, and how. You are never entirely powerless. Even on the rare occasion that you can’t change what’s around you at all, you can still change your mindset and responses.

The human brain is incredibly capable of change and adaptation. This phenomenon even has a scientific term ascribed to it – neuroplasticity, which literally means ‘the stretchable brain’.

Today, set the intention in your spirit that you can, and will, make the changes necessary for the highest and greatest good. When the Devil appears, it’s likely your challenges are largely (if not entirely) illusory. Do what it takes and you will overcome.

RIGHT: EIGHT OF CUPS. You don’t have to be stuck forever. The Eight of Cups – our second Number Eight card here – represents the opportunity to come unstuck and move forward. It is possible to leave negativity and challenges behind, to outlast and outgrow your challenges should you choose the right path to take.

As a Number Eight card, a lot of this week’s energies could be karmic, meaning they’re heavily reliant on your track record of past decisions. Thank goodness for that – it means you have great potential to heal and realign your karma by making the necessary shifts now.

Again, take an honest and objective view of the challenging situation you could be facing right now. You are far more powerful than you think or assume you are. Your obstacles are mere mirages, and not what they seem. Set yourself free, and walk on.





One’s future prospects seem so distant.
Who would know that jade was hidden in stone?
One day, a skilled craftsman reveals this treasure.
Only then will others appreciate its true value.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

This lot has been appearing very often in recent months.

When this lot is drawn, the truth of a situation will be revealed and success will become possible through focused effort: 凡事着力成功也。It’s also likely that a 良匠 i.e. a person with a discerning mindset will play a role in the unfolding of events. Not necessarily a saviour, but possibly a guide or helper (cf. Sun conjunct Saturn).

The traditional interpretation of this lot states:

宝在石中 异人少知 直待分明 尽可施为

Your reward lies hidden in a certain situation, like a precious gem embedded in a rock. Once this is revealed, you will grow from strength to strength. 

So focus on what you can achieve and control. Do what you can, and let the chips fall where they may. Don’t be afraid of what seems intimidating at first: even what looks like immovable rock can be chipped away.

You can and will overcome every obstacle before you. This is your destiny.

Have a great week ahead!

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宝在石中 异人少知 直待分明 尽可施为