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If the past few weeks have felt somewhat challenging, take heart – energies are shifting and evolving. Now, they’re not necessarily going to be easier, but they will be clearer and more straightforward to deal with.

Having said that, the pre-shadow for our next Mercury retrograde starts this week on 19 February. Those of you who are more sensitive to the energies of Mercury, planetary ruler of communication, travel, and technology, remember to be kind to yourselves.

Peeps with Gemini and/or Virgo in significant birth chart placements are traditionally advised to take extra precautions during Mercury retrogrades and pre-shadows, because these are the zodiac signs ruled by Mercury.

The rest of us also need to be a little more careful with our interactions, travel plans, and electronic devices.

Honestly, though, it’s not that big a deal.

Onward to our reading! This week’s Tarot & Goddess Divination offers us hope for the future, and the emergence of benefactors – yes!


LEFT: WHEEL OF FORTUNE REVERSED. When this card appears, you may have experienced a difficult time in the recent past. Things have not developed or worked out in the way you’d hoped or expected. But now is not the time to wrestle! Striving to (re)gain control of this situation is not going to get you anywhere – you’ll just be flung off the reversed Wheel of Fortune.

Work with the Wheel, not against it.

What works: flexibility. Adaptability. The willingness and capacity to shift your perspectives, and create new solutions accordingly. The faith and hope (and knowledge of Spiritual physics) to know that what goes down must come up; eventually, the Wheel will turn upright again, and better times will come.

MIDDLE: KING OF CUPS. In the Tarot, Kings represent mastery of the realm they rule. The suit of Cups signifies emotions and Spirituality. The King of Cups is here to remind you that you may not be able to control everything that’s going on around you (see reversed Wheel of Fortune), but you can control how you respond.

The King of Cups is an energy that speaks of maintaining inner equilibrium, compassion, and even a gentle sense of humour under pressure. Someone who embodies these qualities could play a role in events – they usually have good advice to give, and will lend a shoulder to cry on if needed. If this person doesn’t appear, then you could be the person that someone out there needs at this point in time!

RIGHT: KING OF WANDS. Just as the King of Cups symbolises emotional mastery, so does the King of Wands represent mastery over one’s plans, passions, creativity, and ambitions. As an energy, this is the Tarot Court card that encourages us never to give up! The King of Wands is a person who keeps the fires of courage and enthusiasm burning, even when obstacles arise in his way. He’s a visionary, a born leader, and sometimes a bit of a maverick.

This card could represent a literal person who will be playing a role in events this week; the Tarot supports multiple interpretations, and I would say that this card is also urging you to persist in your endeavours and keep the flame alive!






Evil leaves and blessing arrives within a short span.
Fate turns with the Noble One, coming from the mountain.
Good news is on its way;
You will be relieved of your anxieties quickly.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

This week’s lot is 上签 or an upper lot, indicating Divine favour and good fortune.When this lot appears for you, a time of blessing follows after a crisis passes. Earlier, you were adorned in the cloth of sorrow and suffering, but now the Goddess offers you silk in exchange for  your rags.

In all you do, exercise discernment; understand that clarity of perspective will go a long way in helping you choose the correct course of action to take. In doing so, you will leave behind the disruptive circumstances that robbed you of joy and peace. You will also realise, on hindsight, that your imminent good fortune is in some way tied to your previous crisis.

Learn the lessons from what you have suffered, Noble One, and move forward with courage and wisdom.

This lot also mentions a specific person who could come forward and assist you in your cause. Whilst lot 12 does not go so far as to call this person a 贵人 or destined benefactorwhat the Chinese consider a sort of soulmate who is fated to enter your life, and whose kind help will change your life – I would still consider this person to be a benefactor, mentor, or supporter of sorts.

Notice that this person is described as “coming from the mountain”. Mountains hold great Spiritual significance, so this could be someone you’d consider a Spiritual person (not necessarily in a conventional way, but someone who lives a life that is aligned with the Universe and his/her personal integrity). Alternatively, a person “coming from a mountain” could refer to someone who isn’t local / lives a distance away, who offers assistance in an unexpected manner, or whom you didn’t even expect to help at first.

For more clues about this person, you might want to refer to the Tarot again: it could be a King of Cups or a King of Wands figure.

Whichever way this works out for you this week, lot 12 heralds a time of relief after a season of adversity – and that can only be a blessing.

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Have a great week ahead!

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