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One more week before we enter Libra season and celebrate the change of seasons – the shift to Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, and Spring in the Southern Hemisphere!

Some of us might be feeling frustrated with the changes in energies; it could be that we’re waiting on a desired outcome that doesn’t seem to be manifesting (yet), to the point where we start to wonder if maybe we were imagining everything and deluding ourselves.

If this sounds like you, hang in there – and check out this week’s reading for you:


LEFT: NINE OF PENTACLES. This card appears as encouragement to keep calm and carry on. You may recently have been tempted to give up – don’t. You are on the verge of receiving and enjoying the manifested goals you have desired, perhaps for a long time. This is a Number Nine card, meaning that an entire cycle of diligent effort, learning and growth must take place before your hard work can bear fruit. Maintain steady, consistent efforts towards your goals, and you’ll get there.

MIDDLE: THE STAR. At the heart of this spread is the card of hope, healing, and rebirth. You’re not quite at the end of your current cycle, but you are SO NEAR to completion and closure. The light at the end of the tunnel is near – you can sense it. Dear one, you may be feeling worn out. Take a break if you need one, but do not be afraid, and definitely do not give up. To me, this Tarot card also signifies the Goddess Tara, Sister to Guan Yin. You can pray to Her also for a compassionate, swift, and effective response to your needs.

RIGHT: KING OF WANDS REVERSED. When this King appears ill-dignified, you could be losing confidence, passion and momentum in striving for your goals. Take a step back and do a review. Don’t rush into anything, but don’t procrastinate, either. You might need to recharge your batteries. Your mood this week might not be great, or someone around you might be especially grouchy.

Be kind to yourself and others, and make the extra effort to view all situations with compassion.





The poem:

Day and night, the Divine stands guard over you.
Danger may be near, but you will not be harmed.
When your benefactor arrives to guide you,
Prosperity and good fortune will soon follow.
(Trans. Kelly Tan)

When this lot is drawn, the situation is stable – although it may not appear to be. Change is coming soon; wait for it to arrive and do not fear it, for you will be safe. You are watched over by Spirit, Who is lovingly leading you towards the right people, circumstances, and situations that will help resolve the challenges you are facing. Your job is to keep the faith, bide your time patiently, and to make the right choices with discernment when the time comes.

Blessing comes to those who trust in a Higher Power and make wise, timely decisions.

Have a great week ahead!

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