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This week’s New Moon in Pisces falls on 23 February at 11:32 pm Singapore time. This is a good time to start new projects and put an end to old, unsupportive patterns – although with the Mercury retrograde in full swing (and also in Pisces), it’s good to manage your expectations and make back-up plans.

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This week’s reading has lots to offer, so let’s get to it.


JUDGEMENT. Most Tarot aficionados would be familiar with the three dark keys of the Tarot: Death, The Devil, and The Tower. These three cards share a fearsome and, unfortunately, unfair reputation as harbingers of doom.

Ask professional Tarot readers which cards they wouldn’t like to see in a reading, and you’re likely to get different answers – you’ll be surprised that most of us aren’t all that frightened of the dark keys, in fact.

I’m not telling you which ones I dislike, but here’s a tidbit I can share: my friend Sharon, a professional Tarot reader based elsewhere, is very open about her fear of the card Judgement. When I see Judgement, I sit up straight and phrase my interpretation extra carefully. Judgement demands respect.

As the first/anchor card of the spread, Judgement determines the theme of the reading. Judgement represents Divine intervention and indicates a high level of pre-determined occurrences arising in the following weeks/months (Judgement usually takes a longer time to unfold, so we’re looking at a longer season ahead of us).

Karma is ripening for many – starting this week. What we sow, we reap… and eat.

Will you enjoy the fruit of your karma?

A lot depends on how your karma – the sum total of your thoughts, feelings, speech, and actions – stands at this point, and which karma the Universe feels is timely to repay you with meritorious consequences. Or maybe the opposite.

Which farmer would resent his own harvest? Did he not raise these crops himself? Similarly, after what you have thought, said, felt, and done – who else but you must take the responsibility for what you receive as karmic repayment?

SEVEN OF SWORDS REVERSED. When this card appears, a karmic reckoning is imminent. The thief will be caught; the slanderer will be exposed. Whatever is hidden will be revealed in the light of day. This is good news if you’ve had to deal with the difficult consequences of other people’s negative actions; not so good if you were the troublemaker in the first place.

No one escapes the Laws of Karma. It’s all good.

ACE OF PENTACLES. If, however, your karma is sound and you’ve been a genuinely good person – which, to be honest, isn’t all that difficult, and brings so much joy – then blessings are coming for you! The Ace of Pentacles represents the pure potential of all the good things in life manifesting for you in the physical realm. Name it and you could have it: a new job, a life partner, a business opportunity, etc… Just remember the condition you must meet when this Ace appears:

Walk forward to receive its blessings.

And don’t look back.

The New Moon in Pisces could be the perfect opportunity for you to cut yourself clean from old practices, mindsets, habits, and relationships that were holding you back from achieving your desired outcomes. Go for it, darlings.

NINE OF PENTACLES REVERSED. This card was pulled out of the deck together with the Ace of Pentacles, and who am I to separate them? Clearly the Universe has a message for those who are willing to listen – so let’s listen up.

When this card appears in the reversed position, adjust your perspective and understand that all that is worth having is worth making the effort for.

All that’s worth having is worth making the effort for.

Loving relationships, fulfilling careers, good health, and success do not simply fall out of the sky into your lap. You need to do your part to make these desired outcomes possible. As the Mercury retrograde commences, do reflect on how you can tweak your approach to your goals in order to attain them in the most efficient manner.

After all, that’s the theme of 2020: taking personal responsibility.

Had no idea that was the theme for 2020, a Number Four year and the Year of the Emperor? Now you know!






Come Autumn, the partridge transforms into a roc.
It soars upwards in great joy and delight;
High and higher – ten thousand miles across the clouds!
No other feathered beast can achieve this.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

(NB: The roc <<鹏>> is a bird in Chinese mythology. It represents noble power, high aspirations, and an indomitable will.)

An artistic depiction of the Roc, entitled <<鹏程万里>> or The Roc’s Journey of Ten Thousand Miles.

When this lot appears, you may be feeling constrained or limited in your powers with regards to a certain situation. But do not fret – bide your time, for your time is surely coming.

The traditional explanation for this lot states: A significant change will bring great fortune. This is no mundane experience, but is fated for the one whom Destiny favours.

Have faith, dear ones. Now is the time for us to trust the goodness of the Divine. Pray for the best outcomes possible, and guard your heart’s peace fiercely.

So much is happening around us that we cannot control.

But a major change will occur, and then your time will come.

Keep the faith!

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这支签的解曰是:“ 昆化为鹏。万禽不能。桂香一折。福禄自增”