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Winter Solstice this week and Christmas the next – festivities are heating up, and so are the possibilities for change, growth, and disruption. Let’s get to the reading!




LEFT: QUEEN OF PENTACLES REVERSED.The reversed Queen of Pentacles is the person who feels he/she needs to do everything, and could be burning out fast. Life is a tenuous balancing act for the reversed Queen of Pentacles. You might be feeling over-stressed being the perfect spouse, parent, child, worker, friend… Life feels like a never-ending list of tasks, demands, and priorities. This is a Pentacles card so there could be concerns about money management as well. With bills to pay and possible financial/career uncertainty ahead, you’re not exactly feeling safe, appreciated, or even festive right now.

If this isn’t you, this could be someone around you who will play a role in events this week. The reversed Queen of Pentacles, in one word, is insecure. And she will act out her issues in seriously aggravating ways. This is the biased parent or boss, the cheating spouse, the gold-digging mistress, the envious frenemy.

Advice for dealing with reversed Queen of Pentacles energies: if you need a break, take it. Pamper yourself a little bit. A change of scene will do you good, even if it’s only for an afternoon – being in nature always helps (the suit of Pentacles is associated with the Earth element).

If you’re dealing with an insecure jerk, keep them at arm’s length – reversed Pentacles energies generally tend to be stubborn, aggressive, condescending, and obsessive. (They’re over-compensating for the jealousy and low self-esteem.) They will fight you to the death to prove they’re right, so let them be. Why mud-wrestle with pigs? Don’t debase yourself or be like them. You do your thing and be awesome.

MIDDLE: THE WORLD.If the reversed Queen of Pentacles resonates with your own state of burnout and insecurity right now, or if she represents someone who’s making your life miserable, hang in there – The World is a card which assures you that your challenges are about to end. Things are coming full circle; your hard work is paying off. The day will soon come when you will rejoice, and your efforts will be celebrated. The world is your oyster!

Trust that the Universe always, alwayshas a Divine plan for you – the important thing is to recognise what the Divine plan is for you, and to collaborate consciously with Heaven in bringing about your highest good. And I’ll say this again – don’t wrestle with lowlifes and small people. Rise above the aggravation. You will do better, because you deserve better.

RIGHT: FOUR OF WANDS REVERSED. When this card appears, the potential for celebration, stability, and accomplishment is well within reach – just brace yourself for possible disruption. You could be undergoing a period of transition at the moment; this is uncomfortable, but successful navigation through this season of change is necessary for your future growth and happiness. Some interesting developments could bring you joy, or at least correct your course if you’ve been going off-track with your life plans.

Be loving and gentle with family and loved ones this week – someone might be feeling sensitive, and you don’t need an argument. If you’re planning a house/office move, renovations/refurbishments, or attending an event (it’s the festive season after all), expect the unexpected. Again, the key word here is disruption.





The pine and cypress flourish joyfully.
Rain, snow, wind, frost – they can do nothing.
One day, your great value will be proven,
And your work will support the greater good.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

When this divination lot appears for you, trust that your diligent efforts have not gone unnoticed. If your heart is pure and your hands are clean, the Goddess is watching – and She knows. Karma is fair and just; your goodness will be recognised and rewarded accordingly.

The rain, snow, wind, and frost refer to negative circumstances and people. Remember the previous week, where the Noble Ones were instructed to 莫为, a classical Chinese verb phrase which means to hold back, or to have one’s efforts come to naught. The explanation of last week’s divination lot was 小人日盛    君子莫为, yet this week’s divination lot poem states that it is the negative people whose efforts, inevitably, will 莫为 – a reassuring word from the Goddess to those who struggle with dysfunctional dynamics, people, and situations in their lives.

Do what’s right, from a pure heart, and persevere. You will be blessed.

Goodness endures. Evil self-destructs.

Have a great week ahead!

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