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On 24 or 25 August (depending on where you live in the world), aggressive Mars on its home turf of Aries forms a square with stern Saturn retrograde on its home turf of Capricorn.

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Both planets’ energies are particularly intense as they’re both on home ground; Saturn is retrograde so its energies of karmic realignment are especially strong now.

During this transit, it’s best to maintain a zen approach to things. Put in your best effort – there’s never an excuse to be sloppy about what you do – but be mindful that some people in authority (especially males) could restrict, criticise, or even attempt to sabotage your progress.

There’s a heavily karmic element to this transit, so it could also be that apparently random conditions could arise that create delays and setbacks – although these obstacles are unlikely to be random, and it’s possible that they are outcomes of previous karma.

Be patient, humble, and focused on what you really want to achieve. All transits are temporary; this too shall pass. Pick your fights wisely, and avoid risk-taking or impulsive behaviours. Keep calm and strengthen your foundations. Some vulnerable people could succumb to outbursts of ill temper – do not be like them.

And now let’s get to the reading!


LEFT: KING OF PENTACLES REVERSED. This week, watch out for people who over-promise and under-deliver. There could be a situation where the assured financial stability does not come through, undermining the possibilities of moving forward. If there has been irresponsibility with finances, the consequences of poor money management choices will begin to manifest soon (if they haven’t already).

On the other hand, this could also be a good time to start planning creative solutions to the practical challenges you’re facing now – especially challenges regarding income generation.

MIDDLE: THE WORLD REVERSED. Manage your expectations wisely this week, because it’s looking like certain outcomes you’ve been anticipating might disappoint you. The World in reverse refers to that moment when things go out, not with a bang, but a whimper. Review current projects to ensure you haven’t allowed earlier errors to pass on unnoticed – and try not to celebrate your wins prematurely.

RIGHT: KNIGHT OF CUPS. When this card appears, you’re advised to take things at their own pace, and not to rush yourself. This doesn’t mean that you take your own sweet time, either – but to respect the wisdom of good timing, and to do what’s right in the appropriate manner.

After the complexity of the previous two cards, the Knight of Cups comes as a refreshingly straightforward message: whatever you do, keep it simple and focused, and you’re likely to succeed.





As autumn leaves fall from phoenix trees,
Travellers return home as fast as clouds.
Thankful for Divine blessings,
The treasure-laden ship sails with good winds.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

The first line of this poem refers to a season of change, transition, and renewal. When this lot is drawn, there could be an initial sense of loss or uncertainty regarding a situation. However, remember that appearances can be deceiving – what seems unfavourable at first can turn around for the better.

The key to making good things happen is gratitude – being “thankful for Divine blessings” sets up powerful conditions for even more grace and abundance to come your way, and even to lead you towards a fortunate destination in the same way a good wind leads a ship home.

The traditional interpretation of this lot states:

心中取事 天必从之 营谋用事 尽可施为

The desires of your heart can be attained. Heaven supports your plans and intentions. Carry out your tasks and duties to the best of your efforts. Despite the challenges you face, your situation has immense potential to end well, so give it your absolute best shot.

Have a great week ahead!

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在这段过渡期,对于凡事最好的应对方式就是心平气和。做事都应该要尽自己的全力,你从来都不应该为自己所做的事情找借口偷工减料。但是要注意的是有些掌握着权力的人(尤其是男性) 将可能会限制,批评或者甚至是成为你的阻碍。



【左 :金币国王(逆位)】












此签的解曰是:心中取事 天必从之 营谋用事 尽可施为