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This week, Mercury opposes Uranus on 17 November, then the Sun forms a sextile with Saturn. A great opportunity for positive change is coming for those with the work ethic to handle it.

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Mercury has only ended its final retrograde for the year. The post-shadow of this last retrograde doesn’t end until 19 November, so think of Mercury right now – our planetary ruler of tech, communications, and travel – as a bit of a sleepyhead who hasn’t had her first coffee of the day yet. In opposition with wily Uranus, planetary ruler of change and innovation, Mercury could gift you with exciting new ideas. Unleash your creativity, start making plans, and expect the unexpected.

A cosmic boost of energy to carry out your plans and turn those ideas into reality comes very soon after – on 19 November. The Sun forms a happy sextile with Saturn, planetary ruler of karma and time. A steady, practical approach to things will serve you very well indeed, and grant you the happy outcomes you desire.

If the Tarot is anything to go by, it looks like quite a few of you are considering your paths ahead with regards to career and finances. Let’s get to the reading stat!


LEFT: FIVE OF PENTACLES REVERSED. All three cards in this spread belong to the suit of Pentacles, which represents the Earth element and all things pertaining to practical “health and wealth” matters: personal finances, property, inheritances, career, bosses/colleagues, health and fitness, reproductive issues, inherited health challenges, etc.

If you’ve been having a rough time lately with money, career, and/or health, things are looking up for you. The reversed Five of Pentacles speaks of a potential improvement in these matters. The end of a difficult time is at hand, if you’re willing to make the necessary changes.

MIDDLE: TWO OF PENTACLES REVERSED. Some of you might be considering a sideline of sorts, or at the very least, learning something new on the side while you carry on with your day job. This week’s astrological transits could provide you with some interesting insights.

Suffer no delusion – this could get stressful. Change can be challenging, at least in the beginning when you’re still figuring out how to juggle all those priorities. But the possible stress you might go through for daring to live your dreams is only temporary. In the tough times, remember this:

Pain is temporary. Glory is forever.

Your final achievements will be worth the short-term suffering, so get planning now. Do what it takes to get your goals.

RIGHT: QUEEN OF PENTACLES REVERSED. There’s no point worrying or over-thinking about whether you can or cannot manifest your goals. The Universe is kind, but She isn’t going to coddle you or entertain your insecurities.

It’s time to take action. Let’s get to work.

Some of you need to watch out: a female energy around you could be causing trouble. This is usually a gossiping, backstabbing sort of person, and/or the sort who enjoys political games at work (and isn’t above playing similar games with family and loved ones). Steer clear of such troublemakers, and definitely don’t share your plans with them.





Go swiftly, like a dragon, down every road.
A woman married to two husbands
Is like a bow fitted with two arrows.
Work hard to ensure all parties are appeased.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

When this lot is drawn, you could be in a reversed Two of Pentacles situation (see above): considering a solution that requires you to balance diverse priorities.

Do not under-estimate your potential for success in this matter – the first line of this poem addresses the recipient of this divination lot as a 苍龙 or dragon, which is a mystical creature in Chinese mythology associated with power and Divine authority.

In other words, trust that the Divine is watching over you and blessing your endeavours, insofar as your intentions are good and you harm no one. Understand that Divine blessing doesn’t always mean that you’ll be feeling great all the time, or that you will encounter no problems and everything will be smooth sailing.

Rather, Divine blessing means that you will be granted the grace, wisdom, and strength to overcome all obstacles and achieve your goals.

Remember: challenges are not curses. They are learning points. They only become problematic patterns if you refuse to learn from them.

The traditional interpretation of this lot says as much:

不出重重 事由天命 振放中开 切宜谨守

It says: You will face many obstacles. Regardless of difficulties, trust that Heaven’s will determines this outcome. Draw your bow, release your arrow – surely you will hit your mark. Maintain vigilance in all things; take nothing for granted.

Have a great week ahead!

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这支签的解曰是:不出重重 事由天命 振放中开 切宜谨守