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This week in the skies: a celebration! This is why I love the end of the year. Besides the fact that I’m a Sagittarius rising and this is Sag season, I love December’s energies because this is a wonderful occasion to take out the trash (if there’s any left), wrap up what’s done, and get ready for the new.


21 December is the Solstice – Winter in the Northern hemisphere, and Spring in the Southern hemisphere – and for over 1.4 billion Chinese all over the world, we celebrate 冬至节 this year on 22 Dec 2019 (aka Winter Solstice Festival… yeah, it’s called Winter Solstice even if you’re living in the Southern hemisphere).

For the Chinese, 冬至节 is a time of family reunions. We get together and eat 汤圆 (tang yuan), which is a dessert soup with sweet and sticky glutinous rice flour balls, peanuts, sesame paste, and ginger. To us, 汤圆 is a culturally significant food that represents unity and close, loving bonds. It’s also a pun on 团圆 (tuan yuan), which is the Chinese word for reunion or gathering.

I love, love, love this. Woo-hoo!

In Chinese culture, family is super important. May you all experience the joy and blessing of family this 冬至节!

来, 多吃汤圆… 冬至节快乐!

21 December also signals the start of Capricorn season but to be honest, I’ve been feeling Capricorn energies since the start of December when Jupiter entered Capricorn so it’s not a huge shift to me. (2020 will be dominated by Capricorn energies, and this energetic season has pretty much started.)

This week’s reading is so crucially relevant to Solstice energies of choices, transformation, crossroads, major shifts, and life-changing decisions to be made.


This week, we have an extra card. I’ll be reading from left to right. Let’s get to it!

KNIGHT OF SWORDS REVERSED. Those of you who follow my weekly readings regularly will remember that this was also the first card in last week’s reading.

What does this mean? In Spirit, repetition is a way of getting a very important message across. The Universe really, really wants to make sure you get the memo. For some of you who didn’t pay attention the first time, it can also be a bit of a warning to get on track and follow Her wisdom ASAP.

To recap: when this card appears, make sure you are aligned in speech, thought, and action. Refrain from both extremes of idle procrastination and aggressive recklessness. Someone who’s a bit of a pain could play a role in this week’s events, but they are not as powerful as they think. You can easily ignore these influences and push forward with your objectives – in fact, you should.

PAGE OF SWORDS. Here’s the Knight of Swords’ little brother to re-affirm the message. When this Page appears, do your research. Ask all the right questions. Think before you speak. It’s likely that there’s more to the situation than meets the eye. You’ll need to be very discreet in your fact-gathering quest, but also very, very thorough.

If you’re dealing with legal matters or anything pertaining to a contract, read it very carefully. The Page of Swords can signify that news, communication, and/or a significant document will be arriving. Make sure that everything is clear, agreed to, beneficial, and above board.

The Page of Swords can also represent a spy. Some of you in complex situations just need to exercise a bit of care – you’re being watched.

DEATH. Ah, the infamous Major Arcanum 13 of the Tarot – but really, there’s nothing to fear. Death represents a major transformation, the end of a current (or recently completed) cycle and the beginning of a new one.

If you’re looking to improve yourself, to find a new job, to get engaged or married, to move forward in any aspect of your life…

Death is the card you want to see!

This is a very Solstice kind of card, for sure. When Death appears in a reading, the old has passed, the new has come. Keep your eyes and ears open for new developments, and when they arrive, embrace these changes.

When Death is drawn in a reading, there’s no other way around it except to embrace this exciting phase of transformation. Death is a Major Arcanum, indicating a high likelihood of its being fulfilled as a part of your destiny. So put aside the assumption that you’ll stay in your comfort zone, because you won’t.

Embrace change. Submit to the will of the Universe. All will be well.

QUEEN OF PENTACLES. This is a lovely card to receive as a final outcome. When the Queen of Pentacles appears, you’re going to be fine so long as you stay grounded and focused on your objectives. This card represents a very earthy, warm, practical energy – a wonderful approach to take when facing the winds of change.

The Suit of Pentacles is the Earth element, and refers to everything which is physical, tangible, and concrete. When this Queen appears, take a good look at your finances, career path, health and well-being, family, etc. There might be something that requires your attention.

For some of you, the Queen of Pentacles could manifest as an actual person (usually a woman, sometimes a man in touch with his feminine side). This person is often mature, stable, good at their job and/or at running a business/household, highly capable, and happy to help. This person understands and appreciates value, and is typically good with money management. You REALLY WANT this person on your team, especially if it’s anything to do with practical matters.

The Queen of Pentacles, as a person, could appear this week and play a role in how events develop. If you’re stuck in a rut and need help to move out of it, a Queen of Pentacles could be the person who gets that job done. Don’t be shy – feel free to approach such a person if you need the assistance. (They’re usually mothers, wives, and/or mentors.)

Here’s another echo of last week’s reading: The Empress was the final card then, and the Queen of Pentacles is the final card now. These are very similar feminine energies of love, nurture, and practicality (both cards are astrologically associated with the Earth element).

It looks like some of you really need to get the message. I hope you do.






You are the scion of a prosperous family.
Before your eyes, all is ease and luxury.
The King will gift you a sash of great value.
Your good name will spread far and wide.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

I’m immediately drawn to the number of this divination lot. We have a repeated 13 here, folks. Not only is this the number of the Goddess in various cultures all over the world, it’s the number of Death (Major Arcanum 13 in the Tarot). What did I say about the purpose of repetition in Spirit? Ooooh. Let’s carry on…

Whether or not you feel like the ‘scion of a prosperous family’ or that ‘all is ease and luxury’ is not the issue here – to me, this line is a reminder to you that you’re a child of the Universe, and access to incredible blessing is available to you!

When this lot is drawn, you’ve probably come a long way in a complex situation, and sometimes it’s not easy to find the light at the end of the tunnel – but believe the Goddess when She says things ahead are looking good.

The Light is coming. The Light is here.

The traditional explanation of this lot states: The prisoner will be set free. The sick will recover. Once you reach the Dragon’s Gate, your good name will be known throughout the Royal Capital. Keep moving. Do not be deterred by the pressures of change.

Oh my Goddess. Isn’t that beautiful? Isn’t that such a wonderful blessing?

The Dragon’s Gate represents a situation or time of reckoning – a place where your true worth will be revealed to all. It can take the form of a major challenge, a life-changing decision, a test from the Universe, or all of the above.

The Dragon’s Gate is the gateway to the Royal Capital. Only the worthy may pass. Live a life of integrity, make the choices that align with Light, and you’re on your way to greatness. The King, ie the Divine realm, is watching your progress with great interest. Your reward is being prepared.

Whatever happens, keep moving forward.

Do not fear what happens. Do not fear change.

Do not fear.

The 诗意, or direct meaning of the divinatory poem, states:


You will be granted safe passage
Through the Dragon’s Gate.
Whatever it is you face,
Great good fortune arrives
After changes occur.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

Be completely aligned in thought and action (reversed Knight of Swords). Get ready for what’s coming (Page of Swords). Major transformation is imminent; embrace it (Death). Stay grounded, ask for help if needed; a practical approach will get you through (Queen of Pentacles).

You will be granted safe passage through the Dragon’s Gate – immense blessing awaits you, once you embrace and work with the forces of change (divination lot 13).

The only way to fail this test is to give up. NEVER GIVE UP. Keep moving forward.

The King awaits. Your sash is ready.

Have a great week ahead!

*          *          *          *          *

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