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This week’s I’m a big deal around here moment goes to Pluto, Lord of Shadow and Transformation.

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Pluto gets busy: the Sun forms a sextile with Pluto on 16 March, followed by Venus on 18 March. These transits will up your game in terms of personal power, attractiveness, and financial opportunities. You could find yourself a recipient of breakthroughs and good news; your drive and potential for success could increase greatly – so this is overall a good week for ticking items off your to-do list and scoring points in love, money, and career.

The flip side of these Plutonian energies: a tendency towards vengefulness, obsession, and power plays. Susceptible folk could be drawn towards secrecy and the lure of forbidden fruit: starting affairs with married/attached colleagues, embezzling public funds, hiring someone to hack your ex’s website, that sort of thing.

Here’s the thing with Pluto, astrology, and Karma in general: the cosmic forces do not play. If you’ve ever had a reading with me and you thought I didn’t take bullshit, wait till you get a b*tch-slap up the head by Pluto.

People who take advantage of certain cosmic energies to achieve their goals at the expense of others will inevitably suffer. Why? It’s simple. For instance, when you hook up with Plutonian energies on a good day, you can expect Pluto to drag you in for the ride when cosmic energies become challenging.

Remember that Karma is always watching. The Universe computes our karmic record with perfect accuracy and fairness.

So let it be. And let’s get to the reading!


LEFT: THE EMPRESS REVERSED. Self-care is in order for a lot of people this week. As much as you can, take some time off for a nutritious meal, fresh air and exercise, relaxation, and a good night’s sleep.

Some of you could be dealing with a person, dynamic, or situation where the element of nurture has been distorted: either there’s some micro-managing going on, or neglectful (even abusive) treatment is happening. Keep your distance from people who like to use emotional manipulation or other control tactics. Your peace of mind matters.

MIDDLE: THREE OF WANDS. It’s time to expand your horizons. The Three of Wands is generally a positive herald of positive outcomes, but in a more challenging reading, you are encouraged to consider looking elsewhere to obtain the goals you desire. Don’t waste too much time or energy waiting for something that’s unlikely to happen. Instead, focus on how else you can achieve your objectives – this requires an open mind and the willingness to manage expectations.

RIGHT: PAGE OF PENTACLES REVERSED. When this card appears, you are advised to focus on what is truly worth your while – and if you’re already on the right track to chase your dreams, keep moving forward and never give up. The reversed Page of Pentacles warns against distractions, a lack of motivation or focus, and/or a poor attitude. Make sure it’s not you – and if this is someone around you, don’t let them drag your vibe down.





Day and night, may your prayers to the Divine be your support.
Dangers we may meet, yet we shall avert them all.
Guidance and support from a benefactor
Will bring you prosperity and all you desire.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

This was last week’s lot as well: it looks like some people out there will be facing these energies for a few weeks to come. Take comfort in this sign that the Divine is reassuring you of Their presence and help.

When this lot is drawn, there is a chance that you’ll be facing a stressful situation in the coming weeks. However, the presence of Divine protection (albeit in hidden or unexpected ways) will ensure that you avert crisis. What is important is that you draw near to the Divine, to your Higher Self, to the Universe, to whichever Higher Power you subscribe to – and place your trust in the highest good.

Hang in there. The traditional meaning of this lot states that 神佛暗佑之象。凡事忍耐大吉也。You are Divinely protected without your knowledge. In all things, forbear with patience, and great good fortune will come.

I like how optimistic the interpretation of this lot is, despite its recognition of the challenges ahead:

平平稳稳 四方名显 改旧从新 亦无凶险

Do not be deceived by the apparent difficulty of the challenges you face. This lot assures you that your situation is stable, and so is your reputation. Even if the need for change were to arise, you can make the necessary shifts without incurring the risk of danger.

Have a great week ahead!

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平平稳稳 四方名显 改旧从新 亦无凶险