We’re coming to the peak of the 2020 mid-year eclipse season – but don’t, not even for a moment, think it gets easier from this point on.

From 18 June till 12 July, Mercury, planetary ruler of technology, travel, and communication, retrogrades in the Cardinal Water sign of Cancer. During these seasons, we are encouraged to be careful with contracts, back up our devices, and think before we speak. However, this Mercury retrograde is a relatively mild one; it doesn’t form any aspects with major celestial bodies. Just be careful and you’ll be fine.

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Now let’s talk about the eclipse.

On Sunday 21 June, the sun will be eclipsed from 3:04 pm till 4:54 pm Singapore time (it will be visible in Singapore, but just barely). This eclipse occurs in the first degree of Cardinal Water sign, Cancer. It also forms a quincunx with stern Saturn, Lord of restrictions and Karma, which is ruling strongly in its home turf of Aquarius.

This eclipse illuminates tensions with houses and homes, exposing unresolved issues between personal freedom and a larger sense of responsibility. Some of you could be offered opportunities where you’ll have to choose between domestic stability and career progress. Others will discover that a sacrifice of self needs to be made for a greater good to be achieved (possibly on behalf of either a family member or a boss); this could lead to resentment and emotional drama down the road. (If there’s one thing that shadow Cancer is good at, it’s bearing pointless grudges.)

Eclipses illuminate our choices in life, and throw our shadow selves out in the open. Whatever choice you make, do it with joy in your heart, and no regrets.

Nothing much else needs to be said except that the energies of eclipses are intense, transformative, and can be abrupt – even shocking or traumatic – if you’re not ready for it. There’s no need to panic, of course. But you’ll certainly benefit from being mindful and observant of life as it unfolds around you.

Let’s get to the reading!


LEFT: THE EMPEROR REVERSED. This week, some people might let you down. They could be leaders, figures of authority, elders, or just people you really trusted and looked up to. The reversed Emperor speaks of someone who has abdicated his/her personal power and responsibility – so we’re looking here either at someone who’s neglecting their roles or worse, someone who’s a control freak and micro-manager.

Get a good grip on your own personal power this week, because events could also unfold in a way that might impact you negatively if you allow them. Be open to change – after all, this is eclipse season and a time of mass transformation – but know your boundaries. Stand firm.

MIDDLE: THE MOON. Many of you could be facing a situation where the facts appear to be hidden or distorted. Alternatively, you could be confronted with several versions of the truth, and asked to make a decision. These are bewildering times indeed – take a step back and analyse what’s really going on before you make any decisive moves. It helps to investigate the parts that don’t add up. If you have a good working relationship with your intuition, now is the time to consult your higher wisdom. Don’t rush into anything.

RIGHT: SEVEN OF PENTACLES. Even when the odds are against you, success is still possible. What’s important is that you do what you can, then wait patiently for the outcomes of your efforts to manifest. The Seven of Pentacles is known as the Lord of Harvest, and its appearance in any spread assures you that the fruit of your labour will come.

This is a week where patient, prudent plans and discreet, skilled action will yield immense results. Above all, know who you are and what you stand for. Then stand your ground – and never give up on your goals. The Bible says it well:

Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.

The Book of Ephesians, Chapter 6 Verse 13 (New International Version, emphasis mine)

Eclipse seasons are challenging, but contain the seeds of incredible power. Work with eclipse energies to evolve and transform, and YOU, too, can achieve the full potential of your own personal power.




Ignore gossip; spread no scandal.
Instead, chant holy prayers day and night.
Taking these lies as the truth
Is like drawing cakes to ease your hunger.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

When this lot is drawn, the traditional interpretation states that 诸事多虚少实也。You could be facing a situation where lies and distortions are aplenty, whilst the truth is a scarce resource; this energy is very similar to the situation in The Moon, which we’ve just discussed. Fact-check everything.

The explanation of this lot goes:

心中不定 枉看经文 恰似画饼 食也难吞
When the heart is ill at ease, even the holy Scriptures cannot soothe it.
A hungry man can draw cakes, but will never eat them.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

If you’re facing a complex and confusing situation right now – be very, very careful that you are not seeing only what you choose to see. Also, do not allow emotional instability to cloud your clarity of judgement. Maintain a level head at all times; when your emotions are all over the place, even the Divine will be unable to get a message through to you.

Some of you could be offered a simple, too-good-to-be-true opportunity this week. A healthy dose of scepticism will stand you in good stead, as well as the willingness to conduct your own due diligence before committing to a course of action.

With so many retrogrades going on, it goes without saying that you’d do well to “ignore gossip [and] spread no scandal”. Any attempt to start trouble will, more likely than not, backfire quite spectacularly. Unless you genuinely think egg on your face is a good look, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Have a spectacular eclipse week ahead!

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所 以 , 要 拿 起 神 所 赐 的 全 副 军 装 , 好 在 磨 难 的 日 子 抵 挡 仇 敌 , 并 且 成 就 了 一 切 , 还 能 站 立 得 住 。

——— 以 弗 所 書 :第6章第13行