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A major (and repeated) transit makes this week one of the more challenging ones to navigate.

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The Saturn-Uranus square on 17/18 February is the first of three that will mark significant turning points for many of us this year.

Saturn, Lord of Karma and Time, forms a tense square with the unpredictable Uranus, Lord of Crisis and Sudden Change. This transit will expose secrets, hidden agendas, and nefarious actions in surprising ways. Doors that appeared wide open will shut tight; other doors that seemed stuck will come unstuck and swing open with unnerving rapidity.

I’ve said before that 2021 is going to feel like an action thriller in several places. The Saturn-Uranus squares of 2021 are going to make their impact on how we get through this year (this transit only happens every 14-15 years). So think of your typical action thrillers – the complex plots and subplots, the twists, the cliffhanger endings – and ask yourself what an action thriller hero/heroine would do.

I’ve grabbed a couple of movie promo pics to give you some ideas. Recognise them?

Lara Croft and James Bond would stay very, very calm. They would fixate on their goals, but be flexible about how to achieve them. They would have trained hard, tirelessly enduring seasons of pain for moments of glory. They’re humble enough to know they don’t need to be/look perfect all the time (Lara Croft), but they’re also confident enough to know they are in control of their own awesome destiny (James Bond).

Be the hero/heroine of your own action thriller this year. Fight for what you desire and deserve. You may not always be victorious, but you will be brave – and the Universe tends to favour the brave.

The Saturn-Uranus square will return to test us again in June and finally in December. The heat is on. Get ready.

Onward to the reading!


LEFT: TEN OF SWORDS REVERSED. Something is meant to come to an end, but closure is not yet here. Be mindful that you are not clinging to a dynamic or relationship that you may already have outgrown. It is best to release what no longer serves your highest benefit, and work towards shutting this door once and for all. New beginnings await – and if you have been wise enough to shut that door in recent times, be assured that things are slowly coming together in your favour. Slowly.

MIDDLE: ACE OF WANDS REVERSED. This is a card of new beginnings, and indicates the potential of a new cycle that follows an ending. However, like the Ten of Swords, this Ace of Wands is also reversed. What this could mean: delays and setbacks in moving forward and getting what you want. The Mercury retrograde finally ends this week, so you’ll need to be patient. But still, hang in there and fight the good fight – the presence of the Ace is still a positive omen, just that we all need to grit our teeth a little harder to get there.

RIGHT: JUSTICE REVERSED. Watch out for karmic realignment and the emergence of unfair, unbalanced situations. Be sure that you’re being fair to yourself and to others. If someone is not playing fair, stand up for what is right, but again – be prepared for the unexpected.

I always believe that clean hands and a pure heart are all we need to get through karmically difficult times. Even when things get bad, trust that a clear karmic record will still pull you through relatively unscathed.





The Divine has told you of changes to come;
Ignore the delusions of the foolish.
As the aged have drawn this divine Lot,
Maintain the status quo and bide your time.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

It’s interesting how last week’s lot was lot 1, the first lot of the Goddess, and indicates powerful new beginnings. This week’s lot is lot 100: the last lot of the entire bundle, and a warning against heeding “the delusions of the foolish”.

In many action thrillers, there’s usually a point in the plot where the hero/heroine has to wait patiently for their adversaries to fall into the trap, to release information, or simply for circumstances to change in their favour. The suspense is high; there’s usually some sort of big fight or confrontation soon after these moments of patient waiting.

This is one of those moments. You are advised not to make major moves until the situation shifts in your favour – which it certainly will, eventually.

Something to take note of this lot, which is rather special: the explanation of this lot includes a warning against disobeying the Goddess. It implies that the intended recipients of this lot need to review their steps thus far, tweak their plans where necessary, and set the intention to follow Divine guidance more closely from now on.

Have a great week ahead!

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