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Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other lightwork services. A priestess to Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, Kelly is based in Singapore.


The big event for this week is the Full Moon in Libra on 19 April. But hang on, you might say. Wasn’t last month’s Full Moon in… Libra? Yes darling – it’s the second (and final) Libra Full Moon in 2019, and occurs in the 29th degree of this cardinal Air sign. In other words – 2019 gets a double whammy from Lunar Libra, and I’m loving it!

Think back on the past month, since the first Full Moon in Libra. Have you noticed the shift? A polarity between Light and Darkness is becoming evident. Lies, injustice, and hidden evil are being revealed. Those who choose darkness are starting to get massive karmic slaps in the face, and those who choose Light are starting to find greater grace and mercy in their lives.

Full Moons facilitate openness, illumination, the exposure of that which is hidden, and the fullness of what can be gained from each and every experience. Libra’s energies favour justice, harmony, and partnerships… supposedly.

There’s a reason Libra is the ONLY sign symbolised by an inanimate object in the zodiac – the scales of justice.

Pure Libra energies are very, very focused on justice and fairness. If necessary, Libra will sacrifice harmony to obtain justice – a small sacrifice for the greater good. Libra is also a dual sign (as represented by the scales), emphasising the Light and Darkness that is inherent in every one of us – and the choices we make to tip the scales in either direction.

If you do good, no force in the Universe can stop your blessings. If you do evil, cry and beg all you want – your karmic creditors are coming for you, and they are unstoppable.

Justice lies at the heart of Libra, the inanimate karmic scales.

You cannot emotionally manipulate the laws of karma.

The scales are inanimate. there are no emotions to manipulate.

This Full Moon, outstanding issues of injustice and karmic imbalances will be addressed cosmically, and will play out powerfully over the next six months. Those whose karmic merits outweigh their demerits will receive their due reward from the Universe. Those whose karma is, quite frankly, shit – they will see that shit hit the fan, repeatedly and relentlessly, until karmic debts are repaid.

Pluto, Lord of Transformation, and Saturn, Lord of Karma, enter their respective retrogrades in the last week of April. The process of karmic realignment in 2019 will then go into full swing – as if this wasn’t already intense enough.

I’m happy and excited for this coming season of growth!

Remember: a person with clean hands and a pure heart has nothing to fear.

I’m looking forward to the rest of 2019 – true to the #yolo energies of Jupiter in Sagittarius, this has been a hectic yet awesome year so far, wouldn’t you agree?

Onward to the reading!


LEFT: TWO OF PENTACLES. This week, you’ll be required to maintain your inner equilibrium amidst the busy (and sometimes stressful) vibes of the environment you’re in. Don’t let other people’s drama get to you – you’ve got your own balancing act to accomplish, and lots of priorities to settle on your to-do list.

Get to it. Get busy. You’re going to do great.

Some of you may be travelling overseas for work, or doing crucial work with individuals/organisations from overseas this week. Keep your cool even if other people are panicking; all should go well.

MIDDLE: FOUR OF WANDS. This is a great card to get! Vibrating with the Number Four energies of stability and progression, the Four of Wands is known as a traditional wedding card, and/or a positive sign of work in progress. Keep at it – you are definitely on the right track to achieving your desired outcomes.

If you’re considering whether to take something to another level – be it a relationship commitment, career advancement, house move/renovation etc – this card is usually a Yes. However, with the Full Moon in Libra and Jupiter retrograde in the background, keep an open mind: should you choose to go ahead, expect the unexpected.

RIGHT: EIGHT OF CUPS REVERSED. This is the card of moving forward in a positive way, of leaving behind what you’ve outgrown and moving on to the next level. When this card is reversed, you might want to review your plans before you make that big move. This card in reverse can indicate that either the timing is off, or your plans need double-checking.

If you’ve been thinking about giving up on something, this card can also be encouragement not to give up – at least, not yet. Look at the situation from a different angle, and see what else can be done to make things work before you truly consider letting go.






You are advised to avoid over-reaching.
The flying stork conceals an arrow.
As you gather wood, you will meet a snake.
Its venomous bite will cause you grievous trouble.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

When this lot is drawn, stick to your lane. Do not explore horizons that are not meant for you. Do not entangle yourself in the affairs of other people. This lot refers to hidden enemies, covert agendas, possible traps, and certainly the presence of people with ill intentions.

The traditional explanation of this lot states: Keep your mouth shut. Do not engage with other people’s matters. Should you do something that defies your conscience and the moral code, the backlash will be quick and deadly.

Like the bite of a venomous snake.

Like the karmic energies of a Full Moon in Libra.

Get ready for soul evolution. it’s payback time.

Have a great week ahead!

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