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It’s relatively quiet in the stars this week, but this Monday 14 Oct might be a little stormy: a tense square between the Sun and Pluto could reveal something hidden that could be unexpected, unwanted, or both. Pluto is the Lord of Shadow, and when it faces off the life-giving, light-gifting Sun at a ninety-degree angle (especially less than 24 hours after the emotional Full Moon in fiery Aries), someone could let slip a secret, or something will be exposed. Sparks could fly. And probably not the sexy kind.

But this too shall pass – onward, brave ones, and let’s get to the reading for this week!


LEFT: JUSTICE REVERSED. The Laws of Karma are fair, consistent, and wise – even when we can’t see or understand how they work. When the Justice card appears reversed, however, Karma may have temporarily run out of grace and patience with some folks. 

The Laws of Cause and Effect build on each other, and the Universe loves giving second chances to the pure of heart. Beyond a certain point, however, karmic Laws push back – hard. 

This week, make sure you’re on the side of the righteous, because sh*t could be hitting the fan for some.

MIDDLE: SEVEN OF SWORDS REVERSED. This card perfectly matches the week’s astrological theme of the Sun square Pluto, and all that stuff about revelations and secrets being spilt etc.

Thieves, gossips, backstabbers, and dishonest people, beware – when this card appears, the truth will out. This is not the time to entertain deceptions or lies of any kind (is there ever a time?). 

Some of you may discover that a trusted person in your life has been doing the dirty behind your back. Alternatively, something may be draining you of your energy, money, time, or happiness.

What’s important is what you choose to do after you discover the theft of your life force. What’s even more important is to make sure the thief is not you – if you’ve been unwittingly stepping over certain boundaries, or even being unkind to others/yourself, make restitution.

WHEEL OF FORTUNE. The Wheel of Fortune is a bit of a wily trickster – while many like to see this as a card depicting good fortune, the Universe is on your side, pursue your dreams etc, I prefer to look at the whole spread before drawing conclusions.

When the Wheel of Fortune appears in a spread like this, it’s a reminder that nothing is truly set in stone. It’s all up in the air how things will turn out, and therefore the quality of the future you want depends crucially on the quality of the choices you make today.

Be wise. Your decisions shape your destiny.






During the drought, the fields wither.
Thank Heaven for timely rains, which
Water well the flowers, fruit, grass, and trees.
Such rain is worth its weight in gold.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

This lot depicts a timely rainfall after a drought. When this lot is drawn, difficulties lie ahead, but you will receive help and be saved. A positive shift in fortune is arriving for you; what matters is that you persevere. Stay grounded; know where you stand and what you stand for. Relief (after a season of adversity) is about to come upon you – hang in there and stay strong.

Have a great week ahead!

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