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Boom. This week begins with an exact Saturn-Uranus square on 14/15 June, depending on where you live.

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As I’ve mentioned before, the Saturn-Uranus square forms the astrological background of the year 2021. This is the second time this year that the square is exact; the third and final time will be in December.

Saturn rules time, tradition, and karma; Uranus rules innovation, disruption, and change. When these two polar opposites collide, you get the old versus the new, the known versus the unknown, safe ground versus uncharted territory. You might feel like you’ve got one foot in a past cycle, the other foot at the threshold of a new cycle, and you’re not sure exactly how to proceed… but you don’t need to feel stuck. Breathe through the complexities of whatever situation is in flux right now. Trust the Universe, and be humble. Adaptability, creativity – and knowing your place in this Universe – will get you places.

The recently concluded 2021 mid-year eclipse season exposed hidden darknesses in our mindsets and perspectives. Our responsibility, moving forward, is to work on what was revealed during the eclipse season. So again, you get that tension between the old paradigms and the new.

On 20 June, the Jupiter retrograde begins. This one forms a grand trine with the Sun and the Moon, bringing us great potential for success in our ventures. Opportunities will come to you if you know how to look for them. From now till 18 Oct (when Jupiter stations direct), make big and structured plans, take the initiative, and choose faith – but take no unnecessary risks. As with every retrograde, you’ll be dealing with a heightened risk of unexpected outcomes. This retrograde is relatively benign, but watch out for complacency, arrogance, and addictive behaviours.

Let’s get to the reading stat.


LEFT: QUEEN OF WANDS REVERSED. When this card appears, it’s time to gather your confidence and find that core of stability in yourself. Recent events may have shaken your perspective of your abilities – but take your obstacles and setbacks as constructive criticism from the Universe on how you can improve.

Some of you may be dealing with a person around you who might be insecure – and nasty about it. Don’t tolerate any attempts at them projecting their issues on you. Draw firm boundaries with people who drain your energy with their drama and shit-stirring antics.

By the way, a Queen in the Tarot doesn’t always have to be a woman. It can be a man who’s behaving like a drama queen, or a situational dynamic where people are starting to get petty and spiteful with each other.

MIDDLE: THREE OF SWORDS. Be on the lookout for possible clashes and conflicts this week. The Three of Swords can be a harbinger of the distress that arises from such confrontations. We’re still in the Mercury retrograde, so miscommunications are slightly more likely to happen (although the Mercury retrograde can’t be blamed for everything!).

The Three of Swords is also a card of overthinking and self-imposed mental distress. It’s wise to figure out what you can control and focus on that. Try not to worry about what you can’t control.

RIGHT: SEVEN OF WANDS. Success is possible, but you will have to work for it. The Seven of Wands is a card that speaks of self-assertion, effort, and the strength to stand your ground. Your victory is near – but challenges must be overcome first.

This is not a “love and light, meditate and all your problems will go away” kind of energy.

Wake up. It’s time to fight the good fight.





One’s future prospects are distant and unclear.
Who would have known of the jade hidden in the rock?
Yet one day a skilled craftsman discerns its presence,
Takes it out – and then its true value is admired.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

This divination lot has appeared several times in the year 2021. It seems almost like a theme for many of us.

When this lot is drawn, jade is discovered only after the rock is cut. As such, success is possible – but only with effort, discipline, and resilience.

What you want in life is not going to come easy. Research will be necessary; seek out skilled and experienced advisors who can assist you in your efforts. Be open to different perspectives.

Some of you will benefit from consulting mentors who can point out your strengths; alternatively, seek good counsel if you’re facing a situation that appears to have few, or unclear prospects.

2021 is a tricky year so far, and it continues to be a year where there’s always more to what meets the eye. It will take great wisdom and humility to overcome the challenges.

But do the right thing. Be the right person. Get the right people on your team as well. Always give of your very best. This will save you the pain of regret and self-condemnation later.

Have a great week ahead.

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