Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other Spiritual services. A priestess to Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, Kelly is based in Singapore. 

2020 is determined with go out with a bang. And so it does with this week’s solar eclipse in Sagittarius.

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Take a look at where Sagittarius falls in your birth chart – that’s where the solar eclipse will bring about exciting new beginnings for you. This solar eclipse is conjunct Mercury, planetary ruler of thought, communication and travel – so this transit could gift you with exciting new ideas, versatile solutions, and opportunities to learn from/with new people.

This solar eclipse also forms a trine with Mars, planetary ruler of conquest and self-assertion. It’s a good time to set new goals and kick off new projects, and/or tackle challenging issues at work. However, watch out for the solar eclipse’s square with Neptune: this aspect can lead to confusion, unrealistic expectations, and loss/defeat. This aspect can also increase vulnerability to sickness, so take all precautions.

Overall: think clearly, embrace opportunities for growth, stay grounded. Take no chances with the pandemic. You’re going to be fine.

Let’s get to the reading stat!


LEFT: QUEEN OF SWORDS REVERSED. Seek wise counsel from trusted advisors before moving forward with a plan this week. The potential for success is certainly here, but you don’t want to take unnecessary risks. Also, be careful what you say to others. The reversed Queen of Swords can sometimes indicate miscommunications and negative outcomes.

MIDDLE: EIGHT OF WANDS. Nevertheless, you are likely to be busy and productive as you move forward this week. Communication could be forthcoming from certain sources you’ve been waiting on. The challenge will be to keep all your tasks/priorities well-organised and running smoothly, but you are more than capable of making this happen.

RIGHT: SEVEN OF PENTACLES REVERSED. Be patient, but also get to work. This is not a time for sitting around waiting for desired outcomes to appear – they won’t manifest until you put your hand to the plough. This card also warns against rushing ahead with a plan that could be flawed; it’s a reminder to be clear about what exactly you wish to bring about.

So again, we come full circle with the advice of the reversed Queen of Swords: review your plans before charging ahead. Don’t worry – your day in the sun will definitely come. But make sure you’ve got all your stuff sorted out first.





In the waters, the Koi fish quietly grows,
Not daring to aim high nor jump wide.
Come one day, it will transform,
And leap over the Dragon’s Gate with ease.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

The traditional explanation for this divination lot indicates a time of self-reflection, as well as inner change. Here, a humble koi fish patiently and unhurriedly completes its transformation into a dragon.  Similarly, everything has its time and place. One must endure and put up with less than favourable conditions, but only temporarily. Do what is needful; when the time comes, you will establish your honour and reputation before many.

Have a great week ahead!

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这支签的解曰表示着一个审视自己和做出内在的改变的时候。一条鲤鱼不慌不忙地,耐心地完成自己化龙的转变。同样的,每件事都有其特定的天时地利人和。我们应该要有恒心去承受暂时的艰难时期。 做好应该做的事,当时机来临时,你自然能够在众人的面前展现自己的荣耀和名誉。