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If you thought the skies would be peaceful after the mid-year eclipse season, you’ve got another think coming.

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The Sun in Cancer makes some gnarly transits that could incur unexpected developments. On 14/15 July (depending on where you live in the world), the Sun is opposite Jupiter, planetary ruler of luck, growth, and learning.

The energies of oppositions can easily go either way, especially with a wily old trickster like Jupiter. Depending on your birth charts, some of you could bump into a spate of ill-luck this week – be strong, stay positive, you’ll get through this. Some others could bump into a spate of VERY good luck, but before you get complacent about this, remember: it’s very likely a test. If you allow your success to go to your head, you’ll find the red carpet pulled out savagely from under your feet when you least expect it. Jupiter is a trickster like that.

Slightly under 36 hours later, the Sun forms an opposition with Pluto, planetary ruler of transformation and the shadow. This transit can precipitate a sort of crisis or confrontation. Secrets could be exposed – some folks who are up to dirty business in the dark might be in for a very unpleasant surprise. With Pluto in the vicinity, be humble and open to change. Try not to be a control freak. Roll with the punches; learn and grow.

The Sun in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn indicates that this crisis could come through an intimate relationship, especially someone who is family or seen as ‘family’. Pluto hits hard, and doesn’t pull back when it starts punching. Consider this your heads up.

On to the reading!


LEFT: EIGHT OF WANDS REVERSED. This week, plans might not work out. Miscommunications could arise. The Mercury retrograde may have ended on 12 July, but its post-shadow lingers on till the end of July. Some of you might be facing unproductive situations and/or dealing with scattered, unmotivated energies. Hang in there and do what you can.

MIDDLE: THE TOWER REVERSED. This card reflects a very Sun opposite Pluto vibe. Tremendous change is coming for some of you, and it’s likely to take the form of a crisis or confrontation. A shocking revelation could be forthcoming: someone or something you thought you could trust could turn out to be very different (and not in a good way). What is hidden could be exposed, and your best/only way forward will require you to release the old and embrace the new.

RIGHT: QUEEN OF PENTACLES. Yet things can end well, and out of bad can come good. The Queen of Pentacles encourages a practical, focused approach towards matters. Manage your resources wisely – as a Pentacles card, this usually refers to money, but can also include your time, energy, and emotions.

Have confidence in yourself. Talk less, do more. Be resilient, reliable, and strong. Some of you could have the good fortune of meeting with a person who exhibits these qualities. They usually are a positive influence (mentor, helper, supporter, etc), and could help you out of a tight spot this week. If no such person appears, then be your own Queen of Pentacles and unleash your inner Michelle Obama!

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(Fun fact: Michelle Obama is born under the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn; the Suit of Pentacles rules the element of Earth. Michelle Obama is a real-life, high-vibrational Queen of Pentacles. #inspiration #fangirl)





The Noble Ones are not like petty villains;
Their conduct reveals their differences.
The finest music requires a trained ear.
Wait quietly for kindred souls to arrive.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

When this lot appears, be very, very careful with the people around you. Various 小人 (petty villains, gossips, backstabbers, and saboteurs) could be attempting to gain your trust – or, at the very least, your attention.

Do not associate with petty villains. Pay them no heed, for they mean to harm you.

Some of you could be receiving opportunities to gain wisdom and/or enlightenment this week. A sort of spiritual breakthrough could be coming for you: clarity and healing could arise for some. Take time out this week for prayer, reflection, and meditation; observe signs and synchronicities around you, and sincerely seek the message that the Universe is sending you at this time.

Make sure you share the precious gift of Spiritual revelation and breakthrough only with those who are on the same wavelength as you, and who want only the best for you.

Have a great week ahead!

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