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The big astrological event of the week is the end of Mercury retrograde in Leo on 19 August. Mercury, the planetary ruler of communication, travel, and technology, stations direct on this day. Despite the post-shadow period that lasts till 1 September, Mercury retrograde energies are pretty much lifting as intrepid Mercury moves forward once more – so we can all breathe a little easier.

While shuffling the Tarot deck for this week’s spread, one bonus card came out – the Two of Pentacles. All in all, this is a pretty okay week if we take the necessary precautions. Let’s get to the reading!


PAGE OF WANDS. Positive news could arrive at work, or the creative inspiration for a new project might arise. This is a good energy for planning once you get distractions out of the way and focus. A young (or young-at-heart) person could play a role in events this week – they’re curious, helpful, and inquisitive, and could be of service. Beware of arguments, though, especially in personal relationships.

KNIGHT OF SWORDS. And here’s the reason why you’ll need to be a little careful with potential conflicts this week. The Knight of Swords is a person of action and incisive intellect. This is an energy and/or a person who needs to have the last say and must always be right.

Check out the pic of the spread above. See how the Knight wields his Sword and charges straight at the Page, who’s holding up his staff in self-defence? Beware of personality clashes and an argument that could get out of hand – both sides mean well, but don’t always know how to communicate their points effectively.

Often, it’s better to be kind than to be right – this is a lesson that both the Page and the Knight need to learn.

SIX OF SWORDS. In line with the whole Mercury retrograde is ending, yay vibe, the Six of Swords speaks of change for the better, and movement towards calmer waters. This card can indicate the need for some detachment/distance from a matter that’s bothering you – a mental timeout could help you find solutions.

When this card appears, some of you might be making travel plans or about to embark on a trip. This card is a good omen and signifies that all should go smoothly.

BONUS: TWO OF PENTACLES. This is also another travel card, although it tends to be associated more with work travel rather than a holiday. It also signifies a certain level of stress as you attempt to juggle diverse projects and priorities without losing your cool too much.

Some of you might feel almost as if you have to develop split personalities or lead a double life, just to deal with all the different demands on your energy. Hang in there – this stressful period will pass. Do your best with what you have, and you’ll be pleased with the outcomes.





The poem:

The advice is this: avoid over-ambition.
A flying stork conceals an arrow.
A snake lies in the grass as you collect wood.
Should it bite, its venom will cause you suffering.*

(*Trans. Kelly Tan)

When this lot is drawn, keep to your own lane and don’t meddle in the affairs of others. Be very, very careful how you communicate, and if you don’t need to offer an opinion then it’s better not to say anything at all. In the midst of abundance, there are hidden enemies – this could be other people whose agendas may include sabotaging yours, or the enemy could lie in your own hidden/subconscious weaknesses.

It’s very possible that this divination lot comes as a pre-emptive warning against that possible conflict between the Page of Wands and the Knight of Swords. Be wise, everyone, and may all unnecessary confrontations be averted. I’ll say this one more time for the road: often, it’s better to be kind than to be right.

Have a great week ahead!

*          *          *          *          *

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