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This week, the dates to note are 14 and 15 April – some intense astrological aspects are coming for us hard and fast.


On 14 April, the Sun forms an uneasy square with Pluto. The Sun’s energies represent clarity, illumination, and the Self; Pluto represents darkness, the unknown, transformation, and the Shadow Self (that ‘dark’ part of us which we struggle to acknowledge or integrate). Personality clashes could erupt; secrets and scandals may be exposed; some of you could be confronting skeletons in the closet and possibly making tough choices.

The intensity doesn’t let up, either. Less than 24 hours after this square, the Sun forms another tense square with Jupiter, planet of expansion, luck, and philosophy. Under the auspices of this square, what appears to be a lucky break could come for some of you – but don’t be fooled. This aspect is not so much a golden opportunity as it is a test of your true character.

Jupiter is the planetary ruler of gamblers and tricksters, and the rug will be viciously pulled out from under your feet if you succumb to egoistic desires, arrogance, or insecurity. Jupiter is such a joyous and expansive planet, but it can play pranks on us even in the best of times. The best way to handle its energies is to stay grounded.

As a Sagittarius Rising, Jupiter is my ruling planet. I have a special bond with the hoary Great Benefic, and a lifetime of dealing with its jovial, wily, sometimes cunning energies – and I can confidently tell you this: with everything that’s going on right now, expect the unexpected with Jupiter.

Some of you will get lucky. Some of you will crash. While all this is happening. Jupiter will be watching. And laughing.

Let’s get to the reading!


LEFT: ACE OF WANDS. The seed of opportunity is here for you. It exists, though it is yet unseen. As folks all over the world adjust to life under lockdown or “the circuit breaker” (that’s what we’re calling it in Singapore), it’s easy to whine and complain about what we feel we’re deprived of right now.

However, the Ace of Wands urges you to see with eyes of faith. Opportunities are still present. Exciting options are opening up for you. This is not a dead end, but a new beginning. Are you willing to put aside your own expectations, and search for what gems may lie in the soil of our current reality?

This could be the perfect time for you to consider a new career, a new skill to learn, a new place to travel to when the COVID-19 crisis lifts (as it surely will… all things pass eventually).

It’s a tough time in many ways, not least economically. But opportunity lies in wait for those with the eyes to see and the courage to believe.

MIDDLE: THE WORLD REVERSED. This card, in reverse, is pretty much the Manage Your Expectations card in the Tarot. I get it. We all get it. This world isn’t a very pleasant place to be in right now. But it will pass.

This is a good time to consider the world around you – what seems like a terrible plight for you right now could well be a normal day in the life for someone else.

Feeling imprisoned in lockdown? Consider the thousands of abandoned animals stuck in pet shelters, not knowing when they might be put down (click here for SPCA Singapore’s take on the horrors of animal abuse, abandonment, and euthanasia). This is their life.

Feeling scared about not having enough to live on? Consider the 1.3 billion living in multidimensional poverty worldwide (click here for the 2018 survey conducted by the UNDP). This is their life.

Terrified you’re losing control over your life? Consider the 25.9 million refugees currently living in sub-par conditions, imprisoned in camps all over the world (click here for more info courtesy of Amnesty International). This is their life.

My point is this:

In your suffering, remember: we are all one.

Let this be a time to cultivate compassion for others and, when the time is right, to take action and do something for the truly underprivileged.

RIGHT: TWO OF PENTACLES REVERSED. It could get stressful and some of you might be feeling off-balance, what with all the massive changes that have been disrupting life as you know it. As this is a Pentacles card, the advice is to take practical action. What this means: maintain a healthy and consistent routine. Sleep, eat, work, rest, play – keep everything sane and balanced, but also be open to change wherever necessary. If your mind is already stressed out by what’s happening, there’s no point making things worse by messing up your body clock as well.

Balance and be wise!


I swear the Goddess has a wicked sense of humour.




Delay the journey to seek your fortune,
Haste may breed grief and follies.
Like a bird which has fallen into a waiting net,
To escape will take much time.

Before I drew the divination lots, I asked the Goddess for a message to those of us on lockdown, stay home notice, circuit breakers, or whatever you call ’em where you’re from. And this is all She has to say:


Be patient and wise. COVID-19 is a waiting net, and you don’t want to fall in.

Have a great week ahead. Yes, you can.

*          *          *          *          *

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