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This week’s Full Moon in Taurus (12 Nov) is trine Saturn, Lord of Karma, and trine Pluto, Lord of Shadows and Transformation. This is very conducive astrology to working hard at accomplishing long-term goals, ending negative patterns, and bringing closure to major cycles.

Take note of the people and power dynamics you’ll be working with during this Full Moon, the effects of which last a minimum of two weeks and up to six months for those whose birth charts prominently feature Taurus. The potential for profound and positive evolution is definitely here with this Full Moon.

The Full Moon in Taurus, along with the current Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, presents a great time to get your finances in order. Taurus rules personal finances, whereas Scorpio rules other people’s money in relation to you (e.g. your inheritance). Have a good look at how you can optimise your wealth, and call in a professional consultant wherever necessary.

Let’s get to this week’s reading!


LEFT: TEN OF CUPS. The first card of the reading often sets the tone for the entire Tarot message. This reading starts off powerfully with the Ten of Cups, a card indicating long-term happiness, emotional fulfilment, and overall satisfaction – often in the presence of family, friends, and loved ones. 

The Ten of Cups is a very positive omen, and a clear sign to those who are looking for one: your Happy Ever After is within reach. You only need to do what’s appropriate, and refrain from what’s inappropriate, in order to attain the happy outcomes you desire. 

The question is, how? What to do? And what not to do?

MIDDLE: PAGE OF SWORDS. Here’s what to do, according to the Page of Swords: use your brain. And your words. 

Pages in the Tarot represent messages and ideas; the suit of Swords symbolises thoughts, communication, logic, and intuition. The Page of Swords combines these qualities to ask intelligent questions, create innovative solutions, and experiment with options. 

Forward-looking and courageous, this Page knows you get nowhere by sitting around and wishing on a star. When this Page appears, get ready for action.

Be brave. Remember that Fortune favours the bold.

RIGHT: FIVE OF SWORDS. And here’s what not to do: engage with haters.

When the Five of Swords appears, watch out for negative people, saboteurs, pessimists, and other toxic types. You know who they are: the ones who delight in putting you down and making fun of your ideas, so they can feel a little better about themselves.

In the coming weeks, some people could come along and do just that. When you see the signs, subtle as they are, detach and walk away. Do not give chances. Do not waste time. Do not worry about what other people will think.

Prioritise your own health and well-being. Your happiness is a gift; your hustle is sacred. These people are not going to pick you up if you fall. Ignore their opinions, and cut them out of your life as much as you can. 

Focus on doing your thing. Be awesome.






Disaster leaves and good fortune arrives;
Between them the span is short.
The Noble One by the mountain
Offers good news;
In the midst of chaos,
Your relief and peace of mind are immense.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

The past few months have been tough on many. Universal energies have been rising and evolving. Those who chose to rise faced challenges of their own on the soul level, but kept growing and learning. Those who refused to change or become better people experienced a karmic ass-kicking on an unprecedented scale.

This season of Universal growth will continue for quite a while longer. Light and darkness will grow apart more and more, and where you stand will become increasingly clear.

When divination lot 12 appears, many of you may have gone through times of trial and testing in recent months. Rejoice – good fortune follows misfortune when this lot is drawn.

The traditional explanation of this lot advises to “Go ahead with your business; things will turn out well. Blessing will come after disaster, as your destiny has already been determined”. There is incredible comfort in knowing this.

No open doors in your job search yet? Examine all your options carefully, and keep searching. 
Clients and investors not coming along? Tweak your pitch, and keep pitching. 
So many dates and still not found The One? Work on becoming the person you yourself would want to marry… then get out there and keep dating.

NEVER GIVE UP. When lot 12 appears, it means the going got tough at one point. But choose to persevere. Go ahead with your business, and you will win. Under the auspices of lot 12, you may find people who will assist you on your journey, and/or give you the information you need to continue onwards to your success. Cherish these good folk, and take their help with humility and gratitude. Remember to repay whenever you can.

I’ll leave you with this quote I recently came across. It perfectly fits this week’s message:

“Let everyone else call your idea crazy… just keep going. Don’t stop. Don’t even think about stopping until you get there, and don’t give much thought to where ‘there’ is. Whatever comes, just don’t stop.”

– Phil Knight, co-founder of Nike

Have a great week ahead!

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