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As the Mercury retrograde in Pisces goes into full swing, we are reminded this week to be mindful of how we treat each other, and how much we are willing to put up with before we set the boundaries that we should. So let’s get to the reading!


LEFT: KING OF WANDS REVERSED. Watch out this week for negative energies, people, and situations. This King in reverse is a bully, a coward, and a weakling. As a dynamic, there’s a distinct lack of motivation or willingness to take ownership for one’s actions. Someone who embodies these qualities could be playing a role in events this week. You’ll have to decide how far you can keep away from them, and where/when necessary, to stand up to their tactics.

Be strong, and take no nonsense from toxic people.

MIDDLE: THE DEVIL REVERSED. This card indicates why it’s good and right to stand up to negativity this week. The Devil is one card that I’d rather see upside-down than upright. It represents fears, bondages, and oppression; when reversed, this Devil is off-balance. He’s nowhere as powerful as he claims to be; his oppressive and bullying tactics are only a facade.

This is good news – what you fear is likely an illusion. Face it with truth and you will succeed.

RIGHT: THE HIGH PRIESTESS REVERSED. When this card appears, it’s crucial that you pay attention to your intuition and inner wisdom. That’s all very easy to say, and of course it’s popular amongst the New Age movement – trust your inner Divine Being etc – but the reality is that in order for your own intuition and inner wisdom to be reliable, you need to be living an authentic life and making choices of integrity.

That’s the second layer of meaning to the reversed High Priestess that many people tend to overlook, because it highlights a tough truth about Spirituality: your intuition is only reliable insofar as your choices and actions align with the Light. When your inner wisdom is distorted by egocentric delusions, unresolved traumas, and other unhealed shadows, it’s like a broken compass – you can’t quite tell when it’s working and when it isn’t.

This is also a card of secrecy and discretion. If you’re not directly involved in any negativity, wonderful – keep it that way by staying under the radar.






A rider who whips his horse and loosens the reins
Will either fear for his life or meet with actual disaster.
The man who burns his house down
Will find nothing but ashes after the rain.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

When this divination lot is drawn, you are being protected against the whims and caprices of volatile situations, toxic people, and the harmful repercussions of impulsive behaviour. Bear in mind that we’re currently right smack in the middle of the Mercury retrograde in Pisces, where Universal energies could bring about delays and setbacks in matters relating to travel, communication, and technology.

This lot depicts a neutral situation that quickly deteriorates when people make bad choices and behave badly.

The first thing this lot warns you is NOT to be this kind of person. The rider’s act of whipping a horse whilst loosening the reins reveals a lack of direction, a mindset of “I’m not going to take responsibility for this situation and if sh*t hits the fan, it’s not my problem”.

The person who burns down his house is another kind of fool: this is someone who cuts off their nose to spite their face, throwing a self-destructive tantrum to hurt the people who care for them.

All this drama queen behaviour is very typical of Mercury retrograde in Pisces, a zodiac sign whose shadow aspect is associated with delusions, lies, self-sabotage, and emotional manipulation. With Mercury retrograde in this sign, you can bet the batshit crazy will start to fly with emotionally or psychologically susceptible people. Which brings me to my next point:

The second thing is to protect yourself against this kind of person. Life is too precious to waste on the wrong people, dynamics, and situations. Mercury retrograde is a great time to review the relationships in your life and make wise choices for your own wellbeing.

Go ahead: fire that disrespectful client. Say no to that freeloading co-worker. Cut ties with that toxic friend. Turn down the invite to that awful relative’s wedding that you never wanted to attend anyway.

You know best what is needed for your soul’s peace, balance, and happiness.

May you make the right choices and move forward in love, light, and truth.

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