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This week’s big event in the skies: a New Moon in Capricorn. This New Moon is exact on 13 Jan, 1 pm Singapore time. 

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Many people see New Moons as a time of renewal. This is true, but it’s only half the story. The other side of any New Moon (and there’s always another side) is its association with the destructive phase of the lunar cycle. 

New Moons come straight after dark moons: the phase of the lunar cycle where you don’t see La Luna in the sky. This lunar phase is great for decluttering your life and releasing old energies.

The upcoming New Moon in Capricorn is conjunct Pluto, planetary ruler of our shadow selves and profound (sometimes painful) transformation. Many of you could receive opportunities for deep cleansing, healing, and spiritual evolution. Keep your hearts and minds open to change; embrace personal responsibility as your most precious gift, and use it wisely. 

This week’s New Moon is the first of the new year. Let’s start it well. 

On to the reading! 


LEFT: SEVEN OF CUPS. The Seven of Cups usually advises us to consider all options and opportunities, and not to be distracted by unrealistic expectations. In the context of an upcoming New Moon, the Seven of Cups represents the wisdom of reviewing our goals for 2021. If you’re into vision boards and other forms of manifestation rituals, this is a good week to create something that focuses your energies on your desired outcomes. 

MIDDLE: STRENGTH REVERSED. When this card appears upside-down, reflect on what exactly you’ve been channelling your energy into, and whether it’s worth the effort. Reversed Strength can refer to a loss of enthusiasm and/or confidence due to a mismatch of effort and outcome. 
For those of you who have been thinking of a change in career, residence, relationship etc, but have been stuck in a rut over the past few months – an opportunity could be coming in for you very soon if you’re willing to keep an open mind (as advised by the Seven of Cups). 

Meanwhile, be strategic with resources. Conserve your energy and focus on what you can change/control. 

RIGHT: QUEEN OF WANDS. When the opportunity for positive change presents itself, grab the bull by its horns and do your best! The Queen of Wands advises us to be confident in ourselves and to show up for the work – both on good days and bad. 

This card can also represent someone who is willing to assist you as a helper, mentor, or similar ally. This is usually someone who is good at their own job, and who derives joy from helping others. With the Queen of Wands, be assertive about showing who you are and what you can offer. The potential for some sort of breakthrough is here – you’ll need to reach out and take it with confidence. For those of you facing complex situations now, the Queen of Wands is a reassuring sign that you are not alone.




Treasures in your dream vanish once you awake.
What use is a long life spent on suffering?
Regarding marriage and health matters,
You are advised to seek support and help elsewhere.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

Just as the Seven of Cups and reversed Strength warn against unrealistic expectations and investing your efforts into unworthy ventures, this divination lot advises against the following:

  • Lacking focus, escaping reality (“treasures in your dream”)
  • Believing delusions/illusions (“vanish once you awake”)
  • Wasting your energy on the wrong things (“a long life spent on suffering”)

Some of you may be experiencing challenging situations in your personal lives, especially in your close relationships and well-being (“marriage and health matters). This lot is blunt: what you’re doing right now might not be working. If it isn’t, look for other options.

Brave, wise, and strong people will seek therapy, consult a medical professional, and/or do whatever it takes to resolve their issues.

People who think they’re smart – but who really aren’t – will make any excuse to avoid professional intervention in a challenge they’re facing. I’m sure you know some people like that – I certainly do. Make sure you’re not one of them.

Have a great week ahead!

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  • 缺乏专注,逃避现实(梦中得宝)
  • 相信幻象(醒来无)
  • 在错的事物上浪费精力(自谓南山只是锄)