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The first Mercury retrograde of the year starts on 16 February in the mutable Water sign of Pisces. The usual Mercury retrograde advice applies: be careful with communications, technology, and travel; expect the unexpected; refrain from signing major documents or launching new projects.

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On this day, Mercury also forms a tense square with the Moon. This square with the Moon adds a further dimension of emotional instability. People with Virgo, Gemini, Pisces, and/or Cancer dominating their birth charts are especially susceptible to the erratic/anxious energies of this day, and are advised to practice mindfulness. Avoid taking things personally; life goes on, and not everything is about you. Remember to breathe.

Let’s get to the reading!


LEFT: TEMPERANCE. The path to success this week lies in moderation. Practice balance and seek the middle way in all things. Be patient with results, and the outcomes could well be beneficial.

For those of us dealing with the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus in our communities, Temperance reminds us to be moderate in our approach to things. Avoid the extremes of paranoia and complacency. Take precautions, and be reasonable about them. Let common sense prevail over emotional impulsivity.

At the mundane level of interpretation, Temperance is also a herald of healing. As I’m typing this, Singapore has just raised the coronavirus outbreak alert to Orange. Under the Disease Outbreak Response System Condition or Dorscon, Orange means the outbreak is deemed to have moderate to high public health impact. Additional measures will now be implemented to minimise further viral transmission in the community.

Something to take note of? Yes. Time to panic? No – never.

Things get worse before they get better, but with Temperance as the anchor card in this week’s spread, hang in there – it’s going to be alright.

MIDDLE: EIGHT OF CUPS. With the novel coronavirus and the imminent Mercury retrograde, the prospect of travel may seem daunting to many. Again, be assured that when you are moderate and wise in all things, your chances of actually contracting this illness are relatively low.

So, be wise about travel! Limit it to essential journeys, and be sure to practice good hygiene wherever you are.

The Eight of Cups is also an indicator that some of us need to move away from old, obsolete ways of approaching matters. This being a Cups card, the emphasis is on your emotional response to things around you. Do you suffer from mood disorders like anxiety or depression? Have a tendency to paint yourself as the victim, or struggle with communicating your feelings?

Perhaps it’s time to seek the healing you deserve – part of it could involve the conscious choice to move away from old patterns, and to discover new treatments, action plans, and/or strategies for a new and better you.

RIGHT: THE MOON. This card often represents incomplete information. You could be facing a situation where the facts you really need are somehow not accessible, distorted, hidden, and/or vague. Illusions and deception could also be present – not all is as it seems.

When The Moon appears, avoid making rash or major decisions. Take a breather, bide your time, be patient. Above all, do NOT allow your emotions to take charge of your decisions. Emotionally driven choices and actions rarely end well, especially when facts are obfuscated.

It goes without saying that in the current situation with the novel coronavirus, no update will ever seem to be enough for us. Moreover, fake news could be a problem, so be a mindful reader and don’t take everything at face value. This is an example of how information may not be fully accessible to us – and we are going to have to be okay with that for now.

Trust that what is needed for the public to know will be revealed in time. Also, be discerning about the news and information you read. After all, what other options do you have? Be wise, stay strong, keep calm and carry on.






This rock conceals priceless jade and gems;
Why search abroad for what is not guaranteed?
It’s as if you used a lamp to search for fire!
Better to pack up, go home, and save yourself the trouble.
(Trans. Tan Kelly)

The traditional explanation reads: Your marriage has been successfully arranged. What more do you need to achieve? Be wary of unrealistic aspirations; only what lies before your eyes is real.

This week’s lot speaks of being content with what you already have, and practicing discernment with the updates and information presented to you. If something sounds too good to be true, too far out to believe, or if your internal BS radar is screaming at you – check the facts.

Remember: the truth is your best ally.

Be patient, wise, and a little sceptical with events this week. Many things are not what they seem. And, of course, take care of yourselves and practice good hygiene.

Have a great week ahead!

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月亮出现的时候,请切勿做出冲动或者重大的决定,要有耐心地等待。最重要的是千万不可让你的情绪成为你做出任何决定的因素。受情绪左右, 尤其在你无法获得完整情报和事实的时候所做出的决定,很少会有好的结果。





这支签的解曰是 “ 姻缘会遇 何事不成 须无限意 眼前是真 ”