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Kelly is a psychic medium and channel. She offers Tarot readings, animal communication sessions, energy healings, and other Spiritual services. A priestess to Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, Kelly is based in Singapore. 

The skies are distinctly unquiet this week. We need to talk about the lunar eclipse that kicks off the 2020 mid-year eclipse season.

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As I mentioned in last week’s reading, eclipses are very special events. They carry the energies of endings and beginnings, of major change and transformation, often in a forceful and unexpected manner. They slam some doors shut, and wrench other windows open.

Due to their transformative nature, eclipse seasons are regarded as times of great misfortune, and eclipses as ill omens.

It’s unfortunate that eclipses do actually have a track record of heralding disasters, more often than not. The latest eclipse season began on 26 Dec 2019 and ended on 11 Jan 2020. As you know, an unknown virus from Wuhan was first reported to the World Health Organisation on 31 Dec 2019; this virus then proceeded to turn the world upside down.

The truth about eclipses is that they are not evil, merely transformative.

Eclipses expose hidden truths. They can, and do, serve the Highest Good.

How you work with eclipse energies, and the decisions you make moving forward when eclipses throw everything at you, will profoundly impact how your future is shaped. Or rather, how you shape your future.

Because how your life turns out is still ultimately up to you.

I personally love eclipses. In my personal life and Lightwork career, eclipses have helped me tremendously, and I am so grateful for them. Each successive eclipse season has helped me de-clutter the energies, people, and situations that did not serve my highest good. Shortly after each eclipse season ended, I’ve consistently encountered new people, dynamics, and opportunities that help me grow from strength to strength. Eclipse energies have, on many occasions, given me the push I needed to achieve my potential.

Let’s learn to love eclipses.

Depending on where you live, the first eclipse will occur on 5 or 6 June (in Singapore, it begins on 6 June at 1:45 am and lasts for a couple of hours). This is a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, square Mars in Aquarius, opposite Venus retrograde in Gemini.

Watch out for turning points in relationships and finances. Set the intention that you’ll roll with the punches and benefit from this eclipse season, as much as you can. The Moon square Mars will quicken tempers and reveal an aggressive streak in some. Opposite Venus retrograde, the Moon will illuminate issues of personal worth: how you feel about yourself/ your money/ your significant others (this includes lovers, family, friends, and work partners). Strained relationships could come to a bitter, abrupt, possibly even violent end. Bad news on the career/money front could be imminent, forcing some to implement strict measures to stay afloat, and others to cut their losses and fold. Confrontations could arise, and may turn ugly.

How long will this last? The effects of an eclipse season last anywhere from six months to two years and longer, depending on your birth chart and which houses in your birth chart are affected by these transits.

Again, remember: how your life turns out is ultimately up to you.

Before you start blaming eclipses for your problems, remember that eclipses are just doing their job. How this eclipse season ultimately pans out will depend on your responses to the cards you’re dealt by the Universe.

Speaking of cards – let’s get to the reading!


LEFT: WHEEL OF FORTUNE REVERSED. With everything that’s happening around us right now, it was only a matter of time that this card appeared. The reversed Wheel of Fortune indicates a season of struggle and challenges aplenty. It will seem that Lady Luck is not on your side – having said that, don’t give up just yet. The Wheel of Fortune is a notoriously fickle card. Just as eclipses come and go, the Wheel of Fortune continues to turn. Fix your focus on the outcomes you desire, and keep going. Sooner or later, the Wheel will resume its upright position and good fortune will return.

MIDDLE: TEN OF CUPS. Look within for your answers. While a cosmic shadow covers the Moon in Sagittarius this week, you will find the Light in your soul if you’re willing to be honest with yourself, and willing to tap into your own inner strength.

What do you desire? True love? Life purpose? Stability and self-confidence? Abundance, prosperity, good health? Dream big. Then create the action plans to make them happen, and ACT.

Don’t let this virus take away your hope for the future. Take on this challenge, and know that you will win.

You CAN outlast this pandemic. You CAN continue to live and breathe and build the life you want. Do NOT give in to fear and despair. You are going to be okay.

Be bold and be strong. Make your plans. Carry on with life. And Never. Give. Up.

LEFT: THE SUN. Because this is what happens if you don’t give up – The Sun, in the outcome position, is the most powerfully positive card in the Tarot. The Sun represents joy, clarity, fulfilment, and complete success in any endeavour you undertake for the highest good of all.

When The Sun appears as the outcome, your dreams can become reality. Take action, and may victory be yours!




The road is perilous; travellers struggle to proceed.
Defeated, the soldiers scatter.
The broken boat crashes through wind and wave.
Daylight dies; the frost withers the flowers.


Shut your ears to idle talk!
You are destined for wealth and abundance.
Forget the sorrows of the past.
Trust the Goddess, and joy is yours.

This week, we’re gifted with not one, but two divination lots by Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy. Lot 66 dropped out first, followed rapidly by lot 57; both were approved.

This divination lot reading corresponds and supports the Tarot reading: both make references to a time of sorrow and struggle, but also point towards a future of hope, joy, and great fulfilment. Lot 66 warns against taking unnecessary risks; lot 57 admonishes us to avoid fake news, gossip, and deception. Both lots praise the wisdom of observing before reacting, planning with purpose, as well as trusting Divine timing and protection.

Read in the context of eclipse season, I have a feeling that profound changes will arise for many of us. Many major turning points lie just ahead, and the truth is they don’t actually take us to good or bad places – our own choices do.

This eclipse season, look past your fears and constraints. Focus on what you desire – even if it seems impossible at the moment – and consciously begin to co-create the destiny you want. Think before you speak or act, otherwise you’ll be a “broken boat” at the mercy of adverse circumstances. Learn from past defeats or sorrows, then let them go. Above all, have faith in the goodness of the Divine. Pray. Seek His/Her assistance, and trust that help will come.

This eclipse season, some of you are going to learn that possible/impossible, good/bad, and beginning/ending are all false dichotomies in the end. Life is short and precious – take on every opportunity you get to live your best life.

Tap on the transformative power of eclipses, and on the unprecedented pressure of the global pandemic situation, to find the Divine spark within yourself.

Out of this eclipse season, new life will arise. Some of you are going to shine like stars, others could crash and burn. The Universe will be watching, and Karma will be making notes.

I’ll leave you with a lyrical excerpt from this huge ’80s hit that transformed an unknown Norwegian band overnight into Europop superstars. This song (and its music video) are all about the power of hope, faith, and love, against impossible circumstances.

So needless to say
I’m odds and ends
But I’ll be stumbling away
Slowly learning that life is okay
Say after me
It’s no better to be safe than sorry
Take on me (take on me)
Take me on (take on me)
I’ll be gone
In a day or two

A-Ha, ‘Take On Me’ (1984)

Believe your dreams can become reality even during a pandemic.

Yes, they can. Yes, you can.

Have a good week ahead. It’s all up to you.

*          *          *          *          *

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