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This article originally appeared on Singapore Brides.


Hi there! I’m Kelly, the resident Tarotologist for Singapore Brides. Every month, I’ll be offering you a Tarotology (that’s Tarot + astrology + numerology and yes, I made that word up) report where I pull out one Tarot card for each zodiac sign. I then read the Universal energies for your month ahead, focusing on your love life and wedding preparations. I also highlight one significant day in the month – I call it your BridePride Day – where I give you the heads up on how to work with Universal energies, ace those wedding plans, and enhance your relationship with that incredibly important man in your life: your husband-to-be. 

I keep my reports simple and straightforward. My focus is on love, light, and practical tips on self-empowerment for the modern bride. No weirdness or woo-woo stuff. If this is your kind of thing, excellent – check out Singapore Brides every month for your Tarotology report! 



Dear Aries, sort out your squad. Have you got happy campers on Team Aries, or is trouble afoot? Your card for this month is the Five of Swords, indicating the presence of frenemies, hidden agendas, and possibly some meangirling. For Karma’s sake, I hope you’re not being Regina George here. Speaking of Karma: keep your hands clean, be kind, and if someone’s being an ass, walk away and focus on being a happy bride – not every conflict requires a confrontation. Your BridePride Day is 12 May, with Venus, the planet of love in your sign, and energizer Mars in a trine with lucky Jupiter. It’s also a Number 9 day, meaning that whatever energies you put out will return to you and close the energetic circuit. Assert your desires frankly, and trust that the Universe and your loved ones will give you all the good things you deserve!



Happy birth month, dear Taurus – and your birth month card is looking mighty fine! The Ace of Rods is a wonderful harbinger of new beginnings and the invigoration (or rejuvenation) of passion for life. If you’ve been feeling slightly blah recently, this card indicates that your situation is about to turn the corner. Expect the unexpected, trust your instincts, and don’t settle! Your BridePride Day falls on 10 May, with a Full Moon in your house of partnerships. It’s a Number 7 day, which vibrates with the energies of breakthrough. Celebrate your love with an extravagant date and a reminder of how lucky you and your boo are to have found each other. If you’re a shy Taurean sneaking peeks at SingaporeBrides whilst side-eyeing your sweet (but oblivious) other half, THIS is the day to drag him to Tiffany’s and point out the engagement ring you want!



Dear Gemini, your card for this month is the Seven of Pentacles. This can be a really good sign for you if you’ve been on the ball and getting things done! The Seven of Pentacles is a reminder that most times in life, our best plan is to do what we can, then wait for things to fall into place. And if you haven’t quite been on task, then make use of those heightened energy levels (Mars is in Gemini until 4 June, boosting your Duracell bunny capabilities) and get to it! Your BridePride Day falls on 19 May, when the energies of a Saturn-Uranus trine encourage you to work out some kinks in your relationship with your boo. Today presents a great opportunity for you to clarify the balance between freedom and commitment that works best for you both; the Number 7 energies of this day provide an encouraging boost in your faith that you can take your bond with your man to another level.



Dear Cancer – the past few months have been pretty intense, and this month isn’t exactly letting up yet, but The Chariot is an encouraging indicator that you are more than capable of handling the diverse pressures and priorities that life throws at you. There’s a dynamism that drives your actions; take the reins and navigate your path, girl! You’ll notice that the Charioteer is alone – it’s the Tarot’s gentle reminder that you can trust your own instincts. Skip the opinion polls with your inner circle; YOU make the judgment calls! Your BridePride Day falls on 25 May: a New Moon in your house of closures and transitions empowers you to make that all-important judgment call of laying an old heartache to rest, and moving on. This is also your moment to practice the art of allowing and accepting help, which is essential to emotional intimacy and solid relationships. The Number 4 energies of this day assure you that it is safe for you to be vulnerable; opening up builds bridges with those who care. You can do this, Cancer!



Dear Leo, this month calls for strength of character and visionary leadership –exactly your kind of qualities, woman! The month of May will bring about opportunities for you to exercise your will and take firm, creative and highly ambitious steps towards fulfilling your goals. There’s also a chance that a male energy (either a man, or a woman who exhibits traditionally ‘male’ traits) will take the lead – work with this person and you’ll get things done. This month, your BridePride Day is 19 May: a Saturn-Uranus trine encourages you to take a leap of faith, ultimately bringing you and your man to a more stable and committed place in your relationship. Don’t let the Venus-Jupiter opposition occurring on the same day distract you with petty arguments. Let the Number 7 energies of this day empower you to take that leap of faith and focus on your future plans with your darling.



Dear Virgo, you’ve been through a season of major change and decision-making. This month, the Tarot’s memo for you is Temperance: use your innate patience and skill in combining things into one life-changing plan. You’re a logical thinker; beyond practicality, though, you also know that the good life is a magical alchemy of wise choices + right actions. This month, get your act together. Breathe. Visualise. Great things are coming for you, Virgo; what do you desire? Your BridePride Day falls on 9 May, where a Sun-Pluto trine amps your charisma and creativity. This is a great day to speak your heart – not just your mind – and inspire those around you to do the same. The Number 6 energies of this day promote both dynamism and stability; you are safe to express yourself (hint, hint: maybe subtly switch up that tacky wedding playlist your DJ-wannabe cousin suggested?) and still be loved for it!



Dear Libra, you’ve always been one for quality time with your social circle – this month’s card for you, The Hermit, asks that you take some time out for yourself as well. Last month’s retrograde of Venus, your ruling planet, may have left you feeling a little worn out. Time to set boundaries around your personal space and schedule in a healing retreat for one. Rejuvenate with meditation, yoga, a walk in nature, or a day at the spa – you’ll be back to your usual lovable self in no time! Your BridePride Day is 18 May, with communicative Mercury whispering sweet, sexy nothings in your eighth house of intimacy. It vibrates with the energies of Number 6, which balances exciting passions with the safety of commitment: a wonderful day for a phone seduction and a steamy hotel hook-up with hubby-to-be (once you’re back from your retreat for one). Pack your blindfolds and lingerie, practice your dirty talk, and remember the safe word!



Dear Scorpio, when The Star appears for you, it’s generally a sign of hope for the future. You might have been feeling rather stressed recently; you’ve been tempted to withdraw and build a wall around you that makes Trump’s Mexican aspirations look like child’s play. But never fear, Scorpio: The Star indicates that your situation is beginning to turn around. Trust that the Universe has a plan for you – a good one. Your BridePride Day falls on 16 May, when expressive Mercury enters your house of partnerships. This day vibrates with the energies of Number 4, emphasising stability and encouraging the establishment of strong foundations. This is your moment: take time out with your boo and/or Team Scorpio and clear the air if miscommunications have arisen, or simply express your appreciation for having them in your life. Trust that your friends and loved ones desire to build honest, loving relationships with you. When you open up lovingly, you help others around you to do the same.



Heads up, dear Sagittarius! Your card of the month is The Tower, indicating a forewarning of significant change that will cause you to rethink your game plan, let go of the dead wood in your life, and move ever closer towards the fulfilment of your potential. You are encouraged this month to exercise care and introspection in decision-making. Still, you have all the resources you need to make the best choices, Sagittarius. You’ll be fine! Your BridePride Day is 25 May, when a New Moon in your relationship house (as well as a Venus-Moon conjunct) offers you an opportunity to rejuvenate your love life. Spend time with your man and your wedding planning team, inspiring each other with shared goals and great ideas on how to make your wedding memorable. The building energies of this Number 4 day mean that it’s vision board time!



Well done, dear Capricorn – your card for May is the Nine of Cups, also known as the Lord of Contentment. A word to the wise: sharing is caring. Notice how the guy in this card is alone? A shadow quality of many Capricorns is a tendency towards self-centredness. But of course you’re better than that. Share your blessings with others and, in return, you will be gifted with even more love and respect than you can imagine. Your BridePride Day falls on 20 May, with Mercury snug as a bug in your passionate fifth house and coaxing out the flirty, feminine side of you that’s often overshadowed by your more practical personality traits. The Number 8 energies of this day promise high returns for the right kind of sexual and emotional investment, if you’re willing to put in the effort – the world is your oyster, Capricorn!



Dear Aquarius, this month’s card for you is the Queen of Pentacles, indicating a need for self-care as well as the nurture of others. Are you or someone in your inner circle feeling burnt out lately? Reach both inward and out; show a little love and kindness, and let the healing begin. Alternatively, someone in your life might be acting like a petty little madam. (Make sure it’s not you.) Be the bigger person and detach from people who don’t give you the respect you deserve. Your BridePride Day falls on 4 May: fresh out of the Mercury retrograde, the Number 1 energies of this day encourage you to assert yourself and celebrate the independent, cool-cat streak that makes you so unforgettably endearing. Remember your self-care: go ahead with that parasailing adventure, boxilates trial lesson and/or green juice detox for a fresh new you!



Dear Pisces, hang on tight to your bank account and self-esteem! This month’s card for you is the Five of Pentacles, and can indicate a large and/or unexpected expenditure. The Five of Pentacles also represents a sense of inadequacy, of feeling forgotten and neglected. Sweetheart, Wallflower Syndrome is something you weed out, not indulge in. Reach out and ask for help, love and/or assurance. You’ll be amazed at how many dear folks would be willing and glad to assist you if you’d only say the word! Your BridePride Day falls on 10 May, when a Full Moon in your expansive ninth house urges you to break out of your self-limiting beliefs and pursue your heart’s desires. The visionary energies of this Number 7 day mean that it’s a great day for travel or an impromptu date – something out of the ordinary – with your boo and/or besties to remind yourself that you are loved, loving, and lovable.


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