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Hi there! I’m Kelly, the resident Tarotologist for Singapore Brides. Every month, I’ll be offering you a Tarotology (that’s Tarot + astrology + numerology and yes, I made that word up) report where I pull out one Tarot card for each zodiac sign. I then read the Universal energies for your month ahead, focusing on your love life and wedding preparations. I also highlight one significant day in the month – I call it your BridePride Day – where I give you the heads up on how to work with Universal energies, ace those wedding plans, and enhance your relationship with that incredibly important man in your life: your husband-to-be. 

I keep my reports simple and straightforward. My focus is on love, light, and practical tips on self-empowerment for the modern bride. No weirdness or woo-woo stuff. If this is your kind of thing, excellent – check out Singapore Brides every month for your Tarotology report!




Every 1½ years or so, Venus, the planetary ruler of love and partnerships, goes into retrograde (appears to move in reverse). When this happens, progress in our love lives takes on a different direction. Retrogrades invoke past energies, meaning that old patterns, long-standing issues, and even exes can make an appearance in our lives.

What this means for all of us: a slightly higher possibility (but not a guarantee!) of misunderstandings with our loved ones. But fear not: it’s also a wonderful opportunity for us to reflect + work on our relationships, so we can move forward with our darlings in even greater love and harmony.

May the Venus retrograde of 2017 bring incredible blessing to you all. Keep calm and carry on with your wedding plans!



Girl, you’re on fire! Dear Aries, your card for March 2017 is the Eight of Rods: a dynamic and productive month lies ahead. There’s a lot of stuff on your plate but nothing you can’t handle. The key is to pace yourself and prioritise. If things are not moving fast enough for you, feel free to take the reins and drive the show. You can make things happen – just take care that you’re not rushing things or cheesing off your in-laws in the process! Your BridePride Day is 3 March, where a rare face-off between Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in your sign leads you to ask some important questions about maintaining your independence within your relationship with your boo. This is a Number 7 day: its energies promote transcendence and soul growth, facilitating deeper growth and intimacy with loved ones. That’s if you’re willing to face the issues that matter – and you, daredevil Aries, are just the kind of tough chick who can meet and beat this challenge.



Dear Taurus, this could be a month where you throw your perfectly manicured hands up in the air and wonder who invented human relationships, because you’d like to have a stern word with them. Your card for this month, the Five of Rods, indicates possible tension and/or petty drama in your circle. So if your bridesmaids are bickering, hear what they have to say and work towards consensus (or at least compromise). You may be surprised: some pretty creative solutions could come out of this. Your BridePride Day is 12 March, where a Full Moon in your fifth house of passion encourages emotional bonding and physical intimacy with your man. This is a Number 7 day, and its energies bode well for the kind of coupling that transcends physical pleasure to become a truly spiritual union.



Hey there, dear Gemini – having a good time yet? If you had a superpower, it would be the ability to get any party started! Your card o’ the month is the Three of Cups, which represents friendship and joyous celebrations. Take time out this month to bond with the wonderful people in your life over weekend brunch, especially the good folk who are helping out with wedding prep. A little love and appreciation goes a long way… and no one enjoys a get-together more than you! Your BridePride Day falls on 5 March, where energetic Mars forms a trine with high-achieving Saturn to boost your power couple quotient. Take time out with your darling to do something exciting, sociable, and meaningful: maybe host a party, drop by a new hangout place, or contribute to a humanitarian cause? 5 March vibrates with the energies of Number 9, which encourages compassion, generosity, and spiritual development – keep on being awesome, girl.



The song goes, “Feelings, nothing more than feelings…” Dear Cancer, be of good cheer: even the blues will pass eventually. Planning a wedding can be stressful, but your card, the Three of Swords, suggests that you can alleviate the stress you’ve been feeling lately. In the Tarot, Swords represent logic and communication. Address the root of your over-thinking tendencies, clarify and assert what exactly you want (rather than what would make other people happy), and you’ll soon be moving out of that emotional fog. Your BridePride Day is 24 March, an intense day where Mercury, Jupiter, and Pluto form a square with the Sun. Emotions are running high, and all the more you need to be kind to yourself. Let this be a day of self-love and self-care: the bride deserves to be pampered! Time to book a spa session before you meet your boo for a sweet date. This day vibrates with Number 1 energies, favouring self-assertion. Girl, you ARE Number One in your life. Treat yourself!



Whoa, dear Leo, you’re going places! This month’s card for you is the Three of Rods, indicating successful new ventures. If you’ve just started planning your wedding, congrats! Lovely engagement ring, btw. Leos who are already planning the wedding of a lifetime, if you’ve been considering a change of venue or service provider, the energies of this card say Go for it! Weigh your options wisely, then move forward in that powerful, decisive way of yours. You’re in it to win it, and the odds are definitely in your favour. Your BridePride Day is 2 March, where the Sun meets dreamy Neptune in your eighth house of intimacy. It’s a great day for bonding with boo over wine and conversation, baring your souls to each other and sharing your grand dreams for the future. This is a Number 6 day, the energies of this number promoting both togetherness as well as dynamic movement. Have fun, Leo!



Dear Virgo, have the practical considerations of planning this wedding been getting to you? You’ve always been the organiser extraordinaire, but the Four of Pentacles indicates that the stresses of balancing a budget and managing everyone’s expectations might be wearing you down. Girl, check yourself before you wreck yourself! It’s YOUR big day you’re gearing up for. Focus on what makes you happy, and delegate some tasks if you’re feeling overloaded. Also, “me-time” is not a dirty word – if you’d like a break, take one. Your BridePride Day falls on 27 March, where a New Moon in Aries brings energies for renewal in your relationship with dear hubby. If you’ve been feeling somewhat stuck in a rut, this is a wonderful day to get back that lovin’ feelin’. A long overdue date night, perhaps? The energies of this day also vibrate to a Number 4, favouring the stability and dependability that you crave in your closest relationships.



Dear Libra, if you’ve been struggling with decisions recently, the Queen of Swords is here for you this month. When this Queen appears, you have what it takes to move forward effectively, making fair, wise choices that honour both mind and heart. Embrace the no-nonsense energies of the Queen of Swords, cutting out the BS and forging your way to the wedding you’ve always dreamt of. Some folks might be getting on your nerves this month; keep your eyes on the prize, and unsheathe that sharp tongue only if it’s absolutely necessary. Your BridePride Day is 9 March, when high-octane Mars moves into your house of sexual intimacy. This day also vibrates with the energies of Number 4, so any bedroom action is likely to strengthen your relationship with dear hubby and help in working through your issues together. Make-up nookie can be a viable solution when the stars and numbers are aligned. You read it here first!



Well done, dear Scorpio. Your card for this month is the Ace of Pentacles, indicating a new cycle of life + love characterised by stability and abundance: a new house or an ROM appointment beckons. One caveat, though: to benefit fully from all this goodness, you need to walk forward and never look back. Dear Scorpio, are there lingering issues or concerns you haven’t quite released yet? You have the power to co-create your destiny: wield that power wisely, and let go of what binds you to the past. Make a note in your calendar: 2 March is your BridePride Day, where the Sun meets fantasy-driven Neptune in your house of romance. Your femme fatale quotient gets a boost on this day; its Number 6 energies also encourage a sexy combination of dynamism and reliability, and time spent with your hubby is likely to go very, very well. Purrrr.



Dear Sagittarius, your card for this month is The Lovers – ooh la la! You are encouraged to follow your bliss and make heart-centred choices in life, love and wedding plans. Think out of the box and let your passion guide you. Another interpretation of The Lovers reminds us to be mindful of the outcomes of our choices. Dear Sagittarius, whilst your independent spirit is certainly a strength, do remember to include darling hubby in your wedding plans. You two are a team – at least text him before you book the horse-drawn carriage and fire dancers! Your BridePride Day falls on 16 March, when communicative Mercury is whispering sweet nothings in your fifth house of passion. It’s a Number 2 day, the energies of which encourage intimate soul mate partnerships. It’s a great day to express your love and tell dearest hubby how you really feel. Pour your heart out, Sagittarius, and let love lead the way.



You usually have a good grip on things, dear Capricorn, but are you being too hard on yourself? Your card for this month, the Five of Pentacles, indicates a sense of isolation and deprivation. Keep an eye on expenditure because some unexpected bills might be coming your way – yes, weddings are expensive, I feel you – but don’t allow your anxieties over your bank account and your future get you down too much. Your innate self-control will get you through, and if you’re feeling lonely, reach out to dear hubby, family and friends for support. Your BridePride Day is 31 March, where messenger Mercury chats its way into your romantic fifth house. It’s a good day for honest, loving communication, and the Number 8 energies of this day assure you that you will receive as much as you give. Don’t be a stranger, Capricorn – open up and express your innermost feelings, and trust that dear hubby will be there for you.



Dear Aquarius, this month’s card for you is The Empress – here’s cause for celebration! This card represents success, creativity, and opportunities to enjoy the fruit of your efforts. It’s looking good, dear Aquarius: keep up with the progress, and a lovely wedding is yours to have. The Empress is also associated with matrimonial bliss and enhanced fertility. By all means, spend time with dear hubby and celebrate your love – remember to use protection accordingly, and all will be well. Get ready for your BridePride Day on 12 March, where the Full Moon in your house of sex and intimacy could lead to an epically romantic evening with your darling. The Number 7 energies of this day mean that your union will be both spiritual as well as physical, deepening your beautiful bond with dear hubby.



This is your month, dear Pisces, and your card is The Sun: a wonderful harbinger of love, warmth, and harmony in life + love. Now is your time to shine, beautiful soul. Cast your anxieties aside, and speak up for your dreams and desires. If something is bothering you, share your feelings with someone you trust. You’ll be amazed at how much love and support are available. Remember that a happy bride makes for a beautiful wedding and a long-lasting marriage. You deserve the best! BridePride Day for you falls on 11 March, with vibrant Mars in your house of communication. You’re usually quite the elusive creature, dear Pisces, but the energies of your BridePride Day favour honest and assertive expressions of your desires. The Number 6 energies of this day favour a proactive stance, whilst reassuring you that you are safe and loved. Now go ahead and tell hubby about that scandalous lingerie set you’ve been eyeing!


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