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Hi there! I’m Kelly, the resident Tarotologist for Singapore Brides. Every month, I’ll be offering you a Tarotology report (that’s Tarot + astrology + numerology and yes, I made that word up) where I pull out one Tarot card for each zodiac sign. I then read the Universal energies for your month ahead, focusing on your love life and wedding preparations. I also highlight one significant day in the month – I call it your BridePride Day – where I give you the heads up on how to work with Universal energies, ace those wedding plans, and enhance your relationship with that incredibly important man in your life: your husband-to-be. 

I keep my reports simple and straightforward. My focus is on love, light, and practical tips on self-empowerment for the modern bride. No weirdness or woo-woo stuff. If this is your kind of thing, excellent – check out Singapore Brides every month for your Tarotology report!



Whoa, dear Aries. There’s no delicate way to put this: your card for February, the Ten of Swords, indicates major stress. It’s time to ask yourself some honest questions about how you came to be in this tight spot, and what you can do to move on. Some decisions might need re-working. Make sure you trust the right people and take the right advice, and don’t be afraid to make changes – you’ve always been a trailblazer, dear Aries, and your courage will pull you through. Your BridePride Day is 3 February: Venus, planetary ruler of love, enters your sign and boosts your It-Girl quotient. Grab the bull – in your case, the Ram – by the horns and have a major heart-to-heart with your man about whatever is stressing you out. Numerologically, it’s a Number 6 day, so Universal energies will support your efforts to balance priorities and perspectives.



Dear Taurus, has something been bothering you lately? This month, your card is the Five of Cups, indicating disappointment. However, not all is lost. As advice, this card urges you to re-look whatever is getting your mood down, appreciate what’s in your favour, and work with what you have. Ignore those nit-picking impulses and avoid comparing your accomplishments with others’. Focus on your own joy! Your BridePride Day is Valentine’s Day, 14 February: Venus and Mars are in your twelfth house of sacrifice and closure. Universal energies encourage you to grow your store of love by giving it away. Gifts of appreciation and acts of service to your man (and other loved ones) make for a truly meaningful Valentine’s. It’s also a Number 8 day, so karmic energies will be strong – as you give, so will you receive.



Go get ‘em, dear Gemini! Your card o’ the month is the Ace of Rods, heralding new breakthroughs in your plans, passions, and sense of purpose. Positive energy abounds in your relationships, projects, and definitely your wedding plans. The Ace of Rods can also refer to lots of bedtime action, so if you’re not planning to wear a bespoke maternity gown for your wedding, do take precautions… just saying! Your BridePride Day is 11 February, where the Sun forms a golden trine with expansive Jupiter in your romance sector. Plan a date with fun, mentally stimulating activities that broaden your horizons (this is a Number 5 day, so its energies are dynamic and favour growth). Try a new restaurant, plan a holiday, pick up a new sport together… inspire each other!



Dear Cancer, wait! Before you withdraw into your shell, imagining all the worst-case scenarios that your card, The Devil, represents – let me explain: in the Tarot, the Devil represents our deepest fears. When The Devil appears, you are encouraged to release your fears of being inadequate, unappreciated and unloved. You are stronger than you feel and wiser than you think. Leave the old inner critic behind and embrace the radiant bride in you! Your BridePride Day is 6 February, when Jupiter turns retrograde in your fourth house of emotions. As the emotional powerhouse of the zodiac, you might need to take time off on this day to engage in crucial self-care (this is a Number 9 day, and its energies favour closures regarding old energies and troubling issues). You may find yourself working through issues with some women in your life as part of your healing.



Few things in life are purely solo ventures, dear Leo, and a spectacular wedding is a team effort – your card for this month, the Three of Pentacles, puts the spotlight on effective collaboration. Take time out to celebrate the people who are helping out, especially family and friends. Don’t wait till the bachelorette party to thank your bridesmaids! As you show your team appreciation, they’ll appreciate you right back and make sure you’re the star of the show on your wedding day. Your BridePride Day falls on 8 February: Mercury, planetary ruler of communications, is making itself comfortable in your house of partnerships. Numerologically, this is a Number 2 day, meaning that Universal energies favour a focus on interpersonal relationships. Time to reach out to your team (including your man, of course) and spread the love!



Dear Virgo: your card is Judgment, indicating that you’re approaching a crossroads and about to make some major decisions soon. Perhaps you’re about to put some serious cash down and book the restaurant, or you’re mustering the courage to tell Auntie Linda that you’d rather she NOT sing at your wedding reception. When Judgment appears, make and implement decisions at a pace you’re comfortable with. Trust yourself and don’t over-think; be clear about what you want, and things will fall into place. Your BridePride Day this month is 10 February: a Full Moon and lunar eclipse in your twelfth house of endings will give you the empowering boost you need to make strong decisions effectively, and with less of the people-pleasing tendencies. Don’t worry about shaking up friendships or alienating others: this is a Number 4 day, and Universal energies favour stability. With your innate tact and good sense, you’ll do just fine.



Dear Libra, your card for February is the Queen of Pentacles: an earthy, loving nurturer who gives of her best to those she loves, and who organises the best parties – weddings included! The question you’ll need to ask yourself, though, is whether you’re extending the same love and care to yourself as you do to others. Do you take time out for yourself to recharge and rejuvenate, or are you running on empty right now? Never feel guilty about taking a break, or asking for help when the need arises. Your BridePride Day falls on Valentine’s Day, 14 February – you ARE the diehard romantic of the zodiac, after all! The Moon and lucky Jupiter are both in Libra, amping up your charm to crazy-sexy-cool levels. The karmic energies of this Number 8 day means, more than ever, you will get what you give – so focus your energies on what you want, slip on your sexiest outfit (you know which), and make your man weak in the knees all over again!



Good work reaps its own rewards, dear Scorpio – and your card for this month is the Nine of Pentacles, indicating that you have made, or are going to make, some excellent decisions for your wedding and your future which will pay off very well indeed. Give yourself credit for a great job, and if you’ve been the one doing most of the work so far, how about asking for input from hubby, family and friends once in a while? Imagine what a team can do! Your BridePride Day falls on 26 February: a New Moon in your sexy fifth house, plus a solar eclipse, could take your love + marriage game to the next level. If you’ve been meaning to try out something new in the bedroom, end bad old habits you’ve developed with your boo and/or incorporate new, better relationship practices, this is a great day to start. The Number 2 energies of this day favour pairings: there’s a good chance that your man will love what you bring to the table… and the boudoir.



Your carefree, can-do spirit is what makes you so lovable, dear Sagittarius! Never forget what a blessing you are. That said, your card o’ the month is The Hierophant, which represents hierarchy, traditions and structures. An authority figure may play a role in the turn of events, and it’s better in the long run to work with – or around – this energy, rather than fight it. Use your charm and score points with the in-laws and/or priest who’s officiating your wedding – you’re more likely to get your way with The Establishment on your side! Your BridePride Day falls on 12 February, with romantic Venus snug as a love-bug in your passionate fifth house. This is a Number 6 day, which corresponds with the energies of 2 (partnership) and 3 (dynamism): a great day for decision-making or travelling with your darling boo.



Your determination when it comes to planning and budgeting your wedding is commendable – but can it be too much of a good thing? This month’s card for you is the Four of Pentacles, indicating either an excessive focus on saving money, a stick-in-the-mud mentality, or both. Your prudent and reserved nature prompts you to play safe, and that is generally a Good Thing, but be careful not to get in the way of your own happiness. Dear Capricorn, it’s your big day you’re planning for – enjoy it! Your BridePride Day is 27 February: energetic Mars and unpredictable Uranus meet in your fourth house of emotions, enhancing your capacity to connect emotionally. Channel your energies into positivity: choose faith, hope and love. As a Number 3 day, some game-changing developments could arise to serve your highest good.



This is your month, dear Aquarius, and in keeping with your naturally chill vibe, your card this month is the Seven of Pentacles. This card represents the virtues of having put in all that effort and now, awaiting the outcomes with patience and confidence. So have faith that your no-sugar, low-carb diet and thrice-weekly hot yoga routine are working. Eyes off the weighing scale and on a svelte figure in your future… yours! Your BridePride Day falls on 17 February: with an energetic vibration of 2, which favours partnerships, and romantic Venus firmly ensconced in your communication sector, the stage is set on this day for you to share your heart with your man in a meaningful conversation. If certain issues have been bothering you and/or him, this is a good time to clear the air and practice healthy communication habits… you might find (to your pleasant surprise) that the issue you were quietly concerned about wasn’t that big a deal, after all.



Dear Pisces, you’ve always had the power to manifest your desires; this month, The World is here to give you the boost you need to make those dream wedding plans a reality. Whatever you’ve accomplished so far, give yourself (and your deserving assistants) a pat on the back for a job well done! Don’t worry so much about what you’re not sure you can achieve. What is meant for you will never go past you. Trust! Your BridePride Day falls on 11 February, when the Sun forms a golden trine with lucky Jupiter (one of your ruling planets) in harmonious Libra. This is a beautiful day for reaffirming your bonds with your romantic soulmate through a physical, emotional and/or spiritual connection. On this day, open your heart wide and let all the love in!



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