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Tina’s first reading with me was at the Public Garden Christmas Market 2014.

A young investment banker, Tina wanted to know what her future held and what to do with her love life – which, she told me with a sheepish smile, was “complicated”.

The cards showed two people: one ‘official’ boyfriend and one woman on the side. The cards also showed that she hated her job and was only staying for the money and status. Overall, the cards on the table bluntly depicted Tina as a trainwreck. Quite the opposite of the well-dressed young lady seated across the table.

“I can’t stand my job. Maybe I should move on. What do the cards say?”

– They say you could try. It would be a step out of your comfort zone, but ultimately you will be rewarded with a career that resonates better with you.

“Oh. Thanks. Well, what should I do about my love life?”

– We don’t need to check the cards for that. Unless everyone in this three-way situation knows what is going on and agrees to it, you are essentially cheating. You need to decide if you want a relationship, and with whom. Then you’ll have to tell the people involved, and move on with your life.

“That’s the problem, you see. I can’t decide. Albert is okay, but we argue all the time and we don’t really have anything in common. In fact, he’s boring. Also, I’m straight. If Louisa likes me and takes me out for expensive dates then that’s her choice. Anyway, she’s very nice to me and we have fun, and I know she wants me to be in an exclusive relationship with her, but no way is that gonna happen.”

– So basically you’re cheating on Albert and leading Louisa on at the same time. Are you proud of yourself?

Tina winced. “Uh, I don’t know what to do because I hate confrontations. Is there any way I can end things nicely with Louisa and still keep her as my friend?”

– How long has this been going on? Does she know about Albert?

“… Six months. No, she thinks I’m single.”

– It’s not going to end well.

“… Oh. Shouldn’t we check the cards?”

– The Tarot gives spiritual insight for those who seek the truth. It doesn’t entertain people who already know the truth, but refuse to make the right choices. Either you take responsibility for your life, or karma will make you. Would you like it if someone cheated on you or led you on?

“Absolutely not! That’s terrible!”

– Then why are you doing this to Albert and Louisa?

Tina fell silent and smiled sheepishly. I laid my Tarot deck on the table, as far away from her as possible.

– You know what to do. Good luck.

*          *          *

It was the Public Garden Consumer Trade Show of June 2015, and Tina was back.

– Hi, Tina. So have you decided to look for a new job?

She smiled sheepishly. “No, and I still hate my job. But I’m staying on.”

– Wow. Why is that?

Tina giggled, and held up her left hand. On her ring finger glistened a large solitaire.

“Albert and I decided to get married. We’ve already applied for a flat. I want to import Italian furnishings for my new flat, so I need the money!”

– Alright. How about Louisa? Have you had The Talk with her?

“I didn’t in the end. She’s taking me to Macau next weekend. And last month I got to know this really cute guy, Fairuz. Actually I was hoping to ask the cards about me and him…”

Tina saw the look in my eyes (I’m quite transparent, and if I suspect I’m talking to an idiot, it pretty much shows on my face) and immediately backtracked.

“Oh don’t get me wrong! I’m not going to cheat! We’ve just been seeing each other for dinner and drinks. He kisses me and holds my hand, it’s all very sweet and innocent. Albert’s always busy with his work, so I either go out with my friends, or Louisa, or this new guy. Anyway Fairuz is Muslim so there’s no way I would convert and marry him!”

Tina’s mobile phone vibrated once. She looked at the screen and smiled.

“Speak of the devil. Fairuz is asking where I am. He’s so sweet!”

– The devil here isn’t Fairuz, Tina.

Tina glanced at me guiltily, then broke into a sheepish smile.

*          *          *

Public Garden, April 2016. Tina turned up again.

“Would you be free for a reading later? I just need to distract Albert for a bit. When he heard I was coming to Public Garden, he insisted on meeting me here and spending the afternoon with me!” Tina rolled her eyes. “It’s as if he suspects something!”

Later, I caught a glimpse of Tina walking side-by-side with Albert as they window-shopped in the event hall. They looked angry, miserable, and incredibly bored with each other. Every few seconds, Tina kept checking her mobile phone.

I didn’t need my Tarot – or any psychic gift or tool, for that matter – to know that nothing had changed. That Louisa was still in love with Tina and desperately wanted a relationship with her. That Fairuz was probably still around. That Tina was likely a banker still, and loathing every minute of it.

As human beings, we are all given the responsibility to live our best lives. We’ve also been given something very powerful to help us do so – and that’s our freedom of choice. The quality of our lives is directly impacted by the extent to which we make decisions that honour our truth.

Seeking counsel from Spirit is all well and good, but refusing to take responsibility for your choices is a one-way ticket to a hell of your own making. If you drag others down with you, the karma multiplies. And all the fake sheepish smiles and cutesy little pretensions will not save you from living the rest of your life as if you were already dead.

So don’t be an idiot like Tina. Life is precious. Take good care of it, and you’ll be amazed at how well it takes care of you.

*          *          *          *          *

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The stories on this website (including the above recount) are based on Kelly’s personal and professional experiences as a lightworker. Some details have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals involved.