Deceased Loved Ones

One word from her son’s spirit brings a grieving woman closure. Here’s how it happened.

I looked up and smiled brightly. – Hi, you must be Linda! Have a seat. “You’re young. And very casually dressed for a psychic reader.” Taking her seat across the table, the middle-aged lady in the navy blue power suit crossed her arms, flashing an elegant Rolex on her wrist and a tight smile on her meticulously made-up face. Wow, that didn’t…

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A little boy’s spirit returns to heal his family… one step at a time.

She calls him Happy Feet. Because that’s all she sees of him – a pair of child’s bare feet, glowing hazy blue and more visible at night, pattering here and there behind her as she works on her computer. He skips around her room, silent but never still, telephatically inserting pieces of his childhood memories into her mind. 

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A grandma’s spirit helps her granddaughter to move on. Here’s their story.

When she sleeps, she often dreams. Of different realms, where many, many souls reside. They welcome her warmly, a visitor from the land of the living, and tell her their stories. She is recognised in these realms for her soul’s gifts and calling as a Spirit messenger. Sometimes they ask her to pass on messages to their loved ones. When…

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My client got a message from her mum’s Spirit. Her response made me LOL!

A mother’s love can make you laugh and cry. Lili, a young undergraduate, had arranged to see me. She was graduating soon, and wanted insight into some important career decisions. She also wanted advice for her family back in China. Lili called at noon; we arranged to meet at 3. Great, I thought. That gives me time to run errands….

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Granddad’s Spirit realised I didn’t speak his dialect. What he did next was so cute!

The rain outside the café had slowed to a drizzle as I concluded an angel oracle card reading with Alicia, a first-time client. “Thanks for the reading, Kelly!” Alicia said as I gathered up the cards and shuffled the deck. “I’m glad for the insights into my career and my grouchy boyfriend.” She paused for a second as a thought…

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He walked out when his dog was dying. Now his dog is back… with a message.

Across the table at the café, his presence was dominating. Tall, tanned, and a strapping alpha male, Adrian was a successful young man who believed in the need to balance the material with the spiritual. Hence his decision to see me: to ensure his plans for his future (mainly finance and career) were on track. Coming from a poor and…

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