An angel steps in before she steps off the bridge… and leaves a sign.

3:14 a.m. My phone vibrated twice, then went silent. The words on the screen jolted me out of my semi-conscious state. “I can’t go on anymore. Kelly, I’ve let you down. I’m sorry.” I sat up in bed and called the number. The line was dead. Hazel had switched off her mobile after texting me. She didn’t want to be…

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A sign from Spirit heals her wounded soul. Could this happen for you?

Sunday morning. She was sixteen, alone in her room, and crying. She was supposed to be getting ready for church, a weekly endurance session that she dreaded and loathed. As much as she enjoyed meeting Spirit and helping other people during church services, the stress of doing what she did – and of being misunderstood time and again – was…

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Call on Spirit, and you’ll never walk alone. This is Adeline’s journey.

“Am I cursed?” Adeline asked, her voice trembling. “Is there something wrong with me? Why is this happening?” I slowly shuffled the Tarot deck as I tuned into her spirit team – her guardian angels and spirit guides who, despite being present (and standing right behind her) throughout the session, had not stepped forward with any message. I saw them…

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