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Call on Spirit, and you’ll never walk alone. This is Adeline’s journey.

“Am I cursed?” Adeline asked, her voice trembling. “Is there something wrong with me? Why is this happening?” I slowly shuffled the Tarot deck as I tuned into her spirit team – her guardian angels and spirit guides who, despite being present (and standing right behind her) throughout the session, had not stepped forward with any message. I saw them…

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“Here nao.” The true story of a girl who didn’t believe in Spirit, and the dog who loved her.

Within five minutes, we bonded over our love of animals. It turned out that my new client, Yvonne, had loved and kept birds, cats, dogs and hamsters at various points in her life. She was loving and responsible, giving her pets the best care possible until they drew their last breath. My kind of person.  Yvonne wasn’t there to chat…

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She bought a favourite antique, but didn’t expect THIS bonus gift from Spirit!

These are a few of my favourite things: Music. (Most) animals. Peppermint tea. The smell of rain. My brother’s AWESOME hand-made chocolate ice cream. What are yours? And if people can have favourite things, can spirits, too? *          *          * Friday evening, several years ago. I was 13, tagging along with my parents as we shopped at the mall. We were…

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