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Beth was hot. Model-actress hot.

The height, the curves, the hair, the cheekbones. Her legs ran on for miles. Gosh. Seated next to her, I almost felt inadequate. 😉

I wasn’t prepared for Beth’s questions, though. 
(Protip: psychics aren’t all-knowing. Imperfection is how the universe keeps us humble. Sometimes you have to TELL US THINGS.)

“Why can’t I find a life partner? When is he coming? What must I do?”

Beauty can be a curse. Trapped behind her gorgeousness was a lonely soul: tired of being an object of desire, but not love.

I slowly shuffled the Tarot deck.  As a clairvoyant, one of my gifts is the ability to ‘see’ Spirit and pick up on visual cues that escape the physical eye. This time, a vision of chopsticks shimmered before my inner eye, then faded. Hmmm.

A card popped halfway out the deck, and rested on my left hand.
The High Priestess.

“What does that mean?”
A highly intuitive, intelligent woman. Usually a loner. Do you go out much?
“With my girlfriends. I try to, when I’m not at work.”

Chopsticks again. I shuffled, and passed the deck to her.
– Here you go, dear; choose four cards.

And up she popped once more. This time, the High Priestess seemed to be smiling.

Chopsticks. The High Priestess. Her flowing blue robes.
Then, voices. (I’m also clairaudient; I can ‘hear’ Spirit.)
Shrill, whiny, malicious; a tween girl chorus. “Chopsticks, chopsticks, chopsticks, chop-”

Then it all clicked.

– Beth, are you conscious about your appearance?
“… Well.”
– They called you Chopsticks at school. Because you’re tall, slim, and fair. They were envious.
Her eyes widened. “Yes, actually. But it doesn’t bother me now.”
– Then why do you wear dull colours? Clothes that hide your figure? You’re the quiet one amongst your friends as well. Almost as if you’re going out of your way to blend into the background. Are you?

She was stunned into silence.
In a flash, I realised the problem wasn’t only that men wanted her for the wrong reasons. Beth, with her striking looks and sombre attire, was deterring them from coming too close. She was perfect and unapproachable: the High Priestess herself. Such women are often single, and that’s fine, but Beth didn’t want to be single.

Something had to give.

I’m no airy-fairy New Ager. Spiritual counsel is largely unhelpful without practical solutions. So we spent the next five minutes, the psychic and her High Priestess – I mean client – talking girl stuff. Yep.

Beth, beauty is an inside job. It starts from within; it is primarily a matter of self-worth. How good you look depends a lot on how good-looking you think you can be. You’re hot! Believe it! Invest in the right make-up and clothing and for god’s sake, flaunt that figure! Smile more… what do you mean, you have an ugly smile? Confidence: get some! And trust me, the men will come running… once you change how you look and, more importantly, how you look at yourself.

Beth left the consultation, determined to take control of her self-esteem and love life. Over the following days and weeks, the selfies she sent me from various shoe stores and changing rooms proved her will to change.

I noticed this: in the first couple of selfies Beth seemed slightly uncertain and was staring at the floor, but as her journey progressed, she began to look up and admire herself.

In her latest selfie, Beth was in a slick little black dress. Very Audrey Hepburn. Posing confidently, with hand on hip.

And smiling.

*          *          *          *          *

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