The cord dissolution + white light protection visualisation is a useful, very quick (only 3-5 min at most once you’re proficient at it) meditation that I perform several times a day, before and after readings as well as interactions with other people, events etc. It keeps my energy field clean and my psychic senses sharp. 

To understand the value and purpose of this simple, yet powerful form of psychic self-defence, you need to remember these principles of how the Universe works:

  1. Everything is energy. EVERYTHING.
  2. You and I and everyone and everything are surrounded by our own individual energy fields.
  3. Every form of energetic processing – every thought, emotion, communication, and action – creates a cord between the participants. This happens whether or not you were actively participating, or even aware of it. If someone was thinking of you, you don’t need to be thinking about that person, or even know that person – the cord has already been formed.
  4. Once the cord is formed, energy passes through this cord both ways. Energy can both be given as well as taken through this cord. So you can imagine: if you give and receive positive energy, it’s all good – but what if it’s negative?
  5. Energetic cords operate 24/7 until dissolved. They grow stronger with time and consistent energetic processing, i.e. the more someone feels happiness and love towards you, the stronger that cord grows.

Some signs that you would benefit from cord dissolution and white light protection:

  • You feel drained and tired, especially after you engage with a certain person or in a specific situation
  • The usual solutions (e.g. sleep, relaxing hobbies) don’t work like they used to
  • You feel exhausted all the time, or you’re easily exhausted (please check with a medical professional first to rule out physical causes for this)
  • You suddenly, unexpectedly, and inexplicably experience certain thoughts, moods, and emotions that you are certain are NOT yours; they do not originate from you (please review your experiences objectively to rule out the possibility that they are your own energies)
  • In extreme cases, your behaviour, lifestyle habits etc start to change (thankfully, this is not common)

As you can tell from what I’ve shared so far, we ALL are influenced by energetic cords. It would be SUPER HELPFUL for us all to practice the cord dissolution and White Light protection meditation as part of our daily Spiritual/energetic hygiene practices.

I strongly recommend this meditation for everyone.

So how do we do this? Let’s get to it! Here are the steps:

  1. Find yourself a quiet space where you’ll be uninterrupted for about 5-10 minutes (you don’t want to rush this). You’ll be standing or sitting on a chair for this exercise.
  2. Breathe slowly, gently, and gradually from your nose, exhaling from your mouth, until you reach a state of calm and inner balance. (This can be difficult when you’re feeling very stressed, but keep breathing until you at least attain a state of relative peace.)
  3. Close your eyes. Visualise the Highest Light coming down from the sky – this is the highest, purest vibration of Light there is. Visualise this entering you through the crown of your head. If you’re not the visual sort, that’s fine: imagine feeling a comforting, strengthening, warm vibe entering you through the crown of your head.
  4. With every intake of breath, visualise/imagine the Highest Light/vibe filling more and more of you. With every exhalation, visualise the darkness and negativity within and around you being removed from your being + energetic field, and sent back to the realm of Light  above for healing and transmutation.
  5. Finally, when the Highest Light/vibe reaches the soles of your feet, visualise/imagine this pure and healing energy moving through the soles of your feet, rooting and anchoring you to Mother Earth. This is a technique known as grounding. If you wish, you may speak the affirmation: “I am one with Heaven and one with Earth.”
  6. Now focus on the energy field that surrounds you (some people call this the aura). Visualise/imagine the purity and power of the Highest Light/vibe filling you completely and overflowing from your being. Visualise/imagine this Light/vibe dissolving ALL the cords that attach you to people, places, energies, and situations. If you are attuned to any Angels, Divinities, or Spirit Guides, you may ask them to assist you with this.
  7. Those of you who are sensitive may sense that a lot of the cords are concentrated around your solar plexus, so focus more of the Highest Light/vibe there. Take your time.
  8. Once this is complete, visualise/imagine the Highest Light/vibe enveloping you in a bubble or shield of the purest, highest energies.
  9. Last step: visualise/imagine the outer surface of this bubble/shield becoming COMPLETELY REFLECTIVE. That’s right – it becomes a mirror externally, blocking and reflecting back all negative energies so they don’t reach you.
  10. Thank the Universe and your Spirit team for their assistance. Now get back in the game, and all best!

Some people might be worried about dissolving cords, especially if they’re concerned that it would affect their positive relationships. My response: there’s absolutely no problem with dissolving ALL cords. Remember that ALL energetic processes create cords. Whatever energies are meant to be in your life will return. Have faith: love and blessing will always find their way to you. 

Hope this helps!

Love and Light,