In this series of articles, we look at how Spirit cards work, and how we can use these tools of Spirit safely and effectively.

For thousands of years, mankind has sought to connect with Spirit in easy and straightforward ways, to gain higher insight into complex situations that demand appropriate solutions. Even today, many people seek a reading when they’re facing issues with their careers, relationships, families or other important aspects of their lives.

So how do Angel cards, oracles and the Tarot work?

First, let’s take a look at a typical Spirit card deck. These cards are usually embellished with pictures, many imbued with spiritual symbols that aid interpretation, and sometimes include a short message. Cards are not repeated in a deck – you only get one of each. Every card represents a different message from Spirit that can be interpreted to address a wide range of contexts.

During a reading, the seeker asks Spirit a question. This question should be phrased clearly and succinctly, so that a specific answer can be given. The seeker then pulls out a number of cards as directed by his or her intuition, or according to a format.

The seeker chooses the cards that feel right to him or her (as a reader, I often see my clients’ guardian angels and deceased loved ones standing behind their shoulders, helping them pick!). The cards are selected face down. They are laid on the table, then turned over to reveal their pictures and messages, and interpreted to answer the question.

Remember that these cards are tools for a connection with Spirit to take place. For this reason, it’s important that you use a deck that you’re comfortable with. Many people love the gentle comfort of Angel card messages; many others prefer the straightforwardness of the Tarot. It’s all good. 🙂

One simple rule when using Spirit cards for yourself: before you start, set your intentions. You can say it out loud as a prayer or silently in your heart. Or you can simply visualise it. In the Spirit realm, intention is everything. It opens the doors for the appropriate Spirit beings to connect with you. So be clear about what your intention is.

Here’s an example of a simple prayer of intention: “It is my intention to work with the Spirits of the Highest Light. I invite Archangel Michael, Lord Ganesha, my guardian angels and my deceased loved ones who have crossed over into the Light to join me in this reading. I will not work with earthbound spirits or entities of darkness – you are not welcome here. So let it be.”

It’s also good that you make sure your space is cleansed and that the deck you’re using is dedicated to the Light. Those posts are coming up! 🙂

If you prefer to seek a Spirit worker for a reading, here are some tips I’ve written that might help in your search for the right professional.

May your connection with Spirit bless your life richly!

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