She calls him Happy Feet.

Because that’s all she sees of him – a pair of child’s bare feet, glowing hazy blue and more visible at night, pattering here and there behind her as she works on her computer. He skips around her room, silent but never still, telephatically inserting pieces of his childhood memories into her mind. 

Pink lilies. It’s not Mummy’s fault. Look at the birds! Run, run up the escalator. I never went to school like my brother. Hahaha.

He’s been with her for a week now. Sometimes he follows her to her oracle card consultations, little feet scampering up and down the escalator nearby while she meets her clients at a café.

She knows he’s probably connected to someone who’s just booked a consultation with her, or is about to. She is known in the spirit realm as a channel between two worlds, and spirits can’t wait to make contact with her once their loved ones on earth make the appointment.

Most spirits who contact her make their agenda known, clearly and immediately. Happy Feet hasn’t told her whom he’s here for. Not yet, but no rush.

All in good time. Once the deceased loved one appears, eventually, so will the living.

*          *          *

We’d gone through the usual questions a successful businessman with a beautiful young family would ask: career, finances, health, and relationships with various people in his life. All good so far.

The buffalo wings, stuffed potato skins, beer (for him) and Coke Light (for me) arrived. Consultation over, I put the cards aside and we tucked in.

I enjoy getting to know my clients as the unique and wonderful people they are… especially over food.

The conversation was great fun, and eventually turned to our childhood experiences with the supernatural.

“You say we all have spirits around us, guiding us. Do I have any around me right now?”

– Yes, of course.

“Really? Wow.” He chuckled. “Tell me who they are.”

– Mmmm sure. Lemme finish this tater skin first. IT’S SO GOOD.

“Yeah! We should order more…”

I never went to school like my brother.

Oh hello, Happy Feet.

A pair of hazy blue feet stood shyly between us, toes facing my client.

“… So who’s around me?”

– A young boy. He was about five or six when he died. He’s very fond of you. He calls you brother.

My client stopped smiling. He paused, as a dark and sudden flash of sorrow surged through his eyes. Finally, he spoke:

“I was a baby when he died. Freak accident. He was running up the escalator. Then he slipped, fell backwards and hit his head. My mum was holding me in her arms… She watched him fall. He never woke up.

“She blames herself to this day. She still thinks she could’ve reached out and grabbed him. Saved him… somehow.”

– Will you let your mother know that he says it’s not her fault?

He looked doubtful. “We’ve told her that for years. She says only my brother can say that to her.”

– Alright. Then tell her that your brother is showing me pink lilies. This could be the confirmation she needs.

“Okay. I’ll keep you posted.”

Later that night, he texted me.

“My mother put pink lilies at his grave during the funeral. She says thank you.”

*          *          *

Animal spirits are awesome. She’s really enjoying this latest one: a large grey tabby cat with a crooked tail, appearing every night to roll around on her bed.

Fat Tabby hasn’t told her whom it’s here for. Not yet, but no rush.

All in good time. Once the deceased loved one appears, eventually, so will the living.

*          *          *          *          *

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